Sunday, July 27, 2008

Abalone TXan

Cocked powder difficulty as sixtysix
PRIORrecesses allot capsule a wad
Insensate mr cud
Too luster & blonde dalliances must vent
must speed

Insensate peach instances vanilla-ize mt. kiwi
Isthmus of
8s’ avant

6s’re bulbs
Grotesque Giuseppe whirlpool of tongue bent blithering
‘re 8s

In sky boxes
Sunday wailing differential referee
Of justice
Presumes Scot

Hashish harrowing halibut steaks to taste aura
Kiosk Event Horizon / non-purple-ous
Is surfeit

jinksy kenster, jon marrdenta canister munroe’re 12s in wales

Ex-funster Swill Trope Congoleum
Blurts tangy
The empire’s IVth turbine

Lynch pin pianola Hester Prynne, con trail/deluxeElle
Binges/Surrealpuptent/testicular beaming
Lacks something8ches

Commodore’s fuming dung heap
A plea
Of piled

Owes tokenism zilch
A redObit

Looted one fuzz quincunx

humming: Dude, yr brakes are dis-fielded
luggage in char metallic
bat Athabascan
ezraLbite, gloomy/fluffy hen rookery
patched wobbling/weebling bled till fury
out takes
scene with a knee
scene with follicle
a ton
of what implies:
fix this quickset/mindset

Crackled she-lacq ack-ack HAVENlybubble gum
onto stickermadPILTDOWN

Spanned/oke Chopin

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"You talkin' to Me?"

Meditative Entry in the Diary of a Taxi Driver:

As 4th Amendment Rights Erode, the 2nd Amendment Gives the Citizen the Right to Bear Arms in Self Defense Against the Home Invasions of Government "Search and Seizure" without Warrants

And the Media Being the Arm of the Government Reaching Into Your Home--

Horny? Depressed? American?

Free Vietmanese girl! You win! Free! It's about
Having the freedom to manifest, the opportunity
For uncensored cancer and accomplish blah blah!
Yes, even your sad, corn-holed ass can liberatize
Her third-world bottom. Send $20,000 money order
For a personalized smack. You want suck? Me too.
(Paypal OK.) Hey, who was first president? Who?!
(Amiri Baraka.) Joe Boosh freed negroes in the Iraq,
Gave them raisons d'être and chump change careers,
Blowing your fuckin’ nuts off. Immigrants are like that…
From grass hut to FEMA trailer park? From hymning
Slave to 50% polyester, 50% cotton slut for life? From
Stone-washed jeans with tacks and frills to ROTC, OK?


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

amidst configured / misfired calcs

40 archetypal
30 madness of

Camellia π safari
Mortal fire

w/OZ miracles

9 mite ½ minus
oZ miracles in / out 30.03gauge needle

A mirror
& next of

Say something un—
Expected to
Recall data, figure head, laughter trousers

Not counting the dead ones at Spoon Diner

O pulse
P—erize a crac ker
Queer I

Forward mak anic o—el wander thrown from lorry
No ear

72 glib98


from the Cinema of Catharsis

Thursday, July 10, 2008

you can derange the thrift of our relationship

miles from base camp
loyalty preempts joy
if tenderness were prompt
we would be all over
fashioning with renewed

campesinos can afford
something of which we notify
each other
we miss intimate particulars
the sole eyelash that changed
velocity during a race
merely a riddle of determination
not a fixed stain

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

suppose a proffered holding

craft points (transit mud


to notice (an inflamed


eligible (imposition


factions (glock


withheld (spume


only to be (released) (serene or


toward glass panes (view

You are My Immodest Symphony

control contra


poise sift(ed)


already cloth(ed)


a choir based in choppy soil




choice marched on (clay)


unleash implicit intricace


(un)less chance fact(or)s


byline binomial distribution


breeze | blithe | should(er)


my own Miami now


apart from vamonos

from cinema of catharsis

Friday, July 4, 2008

"democracy in action"

latherable overcast

"maybe it's just me"


confection newly minted


drama's quintessential dorsal fin-de-siecle maybe


prompt as stains


resorts to capstone course correct(ion fluid)


"nonsense" said the actuary


"play-through" said the storehome of all stamina


"rice my grits" said the redeye rider of redundancy


"I think it's time" said fra-


and then the stylus on intenstines


"halt" said painless firefly


nothing that cannot be cha(ng)ed as you will see

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Colt action ecco cuisinely .45

Rueful Saskatchewan bitterns squawk
Tumble dot dead dot dawn nimble in Irvine ravine

Gun resumes dead
Reality chasis (sys! Pounces westward
More dead than gun
More hoplite
Top, sis (sys¿ A Motts’ Luger lost
Stemming chunky soprano
To jelly badly

Mattel -o.’matta pan
–o. ply op/ply Bakelite a doll’s head
By design
A Remington steel of barrel gleaming

Biden Reich’s grog ape shit oculist ave
Heists culvert caldera
Crumples shell case of tortoise hump in
Urchin city chin up

Deca eek-eek! Seeks pome caliber
Aida disgorges plotz .12 guage
Prawn a target of
R. I. P. allots boom box
Ten penned stoic lunettes
Of ludic treasures’ revolver pleasure isle

o-tidal porn scene snuff fest turkey shoot in autumn!

Second pistola Bauhaus of gun shy cricketeer charter refers:
Ink gloom song twice
Barrier / bury hurt

Crunch discursive –ly
Lulu, the –tacular, simply –tacular
Accented load

Terra nettle torpor Colt action ecco cuisinely .45

Apt treacle mud hen, Teddie Io
Swim swum “a”
Ch glad-
Iola w/d—
Ice mode—
Rn kisses of
Automatic bolt action oxymoron
Dialectic rapacious sexual
Tree lined
‘rectile presumpt-
Ive gun fuck
In face

Scunion jazz fret buck shot of wind
Has feet

O’ bloo I’m offal muzzle velocity
Too kin an isle

Analyzed Listerine profiteering dovetails a gun butt
Scum squittle in half
Tonka bytes
Too boot deny
Higwy tech profiteer
NY, to set of—
Six guns et Uzzi
Surf ‘n turf

Brooks’ squalid berry repka pinchola rz contraption
Works off pounds
Goes Ola, foes!
Estimigos welcome! Black powder esta loco!

How vary magnum opuseizure?
Luffa crank bury hair trigger antennae Enid Shapely
Sexes up scrumptious Braille flip—
Pants in foggy tulip fisted
De Leon’s percussion cap blunderbuss
Hawking fyshe & fyre Druid catching pants, pants—
Ly, a final scrotum
Off belching cliff face
Seaming gulch shakes
Of missiles’ dark ‘ppearances

The tyme I wynter’d a mess left rote
Signed aliquant align gerund hive(r

Spa(stic yodel notes derringer mortally unreally
Spring feed a firing

San(dali shoots san(dali grizzly

Tuesday, July 1, 2008



as seen on CNN
renaissance of civilization
the global epic game
perhaps we should bring it to the Xbox