Saturday, June 28, 2008

replication's kind of dunce-like if you trample where you've breathed

I guess encyclopedic washboard action has to halt some time.

you live in weeds, come on admit you do.

the bracken recently depleted shows off our vacuum nicely.

laughter is the best beaker.

take that spat and get up under the airholed pancakes will you?

apt to confiscate is how they talked about the klept impulse.

he's roadkill after alto.

now and then a bit of recompense . . .

it's all yours sugar.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Available SPACE Now Assimilable Rubble

An evil train wreck in eastern China
Is not a bible about a skirt or a blouse on sale or even Corelle dishes

Available SPACE now assimilable rubble


Lickity split banana people travel long long nights into logos on sport shirts
Turn offs include cutting & pasting a Hapsburg on Mt. Rushmore


Not protocol exposed human(ly)…keyboard instead of eyes mouths ears faces
The surface is automatic, the inception a tool much like a…here is a…

I manage...
I control...

The depth of a Dutchman
Much like a…


Crawl is more when I pomegranate
The booty must fling from the firecracker’s tongue


How olde did you say?
I snak during the infidels’ interrogation & Fatima pilgrims bring me Rollos
As penance

What is there to forgive if only bPoEmObPiLnEgSs are unique?


In lieu of a substitute for one trillion alphabets remaining apple juice
I sip I drink I gulp unsated

Recombinant race treads plurality menace from outside


Let us go then U & I when evening is a telemarketer

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Implosion Will Not Be Reversible

by Angela Genusa

With all due respect to Gil Scott-Heron

You will not be able to run to the store for a loaf of bread, people.
You will not be able to buy Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or Valium.
You will not be able to Enlarge your Pole with Wonder Pills
or Earn the Degree You Deserve,
Because the implosion will not be reversible.

The implosion will not be reversible.
The implosion will not be brought to you by Google
or Yahoo! with ads for free ringtones
or local singles, flashing in the sidebar.
The implosion will not show you pictures of Amy Winehouse
Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears
entering rehab at Promises Treatment Center in Malibu.

The implosion will not be reversible.
The implosion will not be brought to you by
The Top Ten Penis Enlargement Products and
will not advertise Chanel, Chloe and Hermes or Gucci and Armani knock-offs.
The implosion will not sell you Startling Rolexes at the Lowest Prices
from Replica Watches or the World's Largest Selection of Meds from Online Pharmacies.
The implosion will not give you a a Longer and Thicker Dong.
The implosion will not give you Boobs as Big as Balloons,
because the implosion will not be reversible, people,
and you will be suffering withdrawal symptoms like a motherfucker
from Paxil, Effexor, Lexapro, Klonopin, Adderall, and Xanax.

There will be no pictures of you on Myspace or Facebook
getting shitfaced with your buds on Friday night.
You will not be able to get by anymore by
selling your Beanie Babies and collectibles on eBay.
Oprah will not be able to launch the next best-seller
and Dr. Phil will not be able to stop you from
running away from home or give you a free extreme makeover
with liposuction, breast implants, and a tummy tuck.
The implosion will not be reversible.

There will be no automobiles running the highways,
nor will there be people driving to work in SUVs.
Tom will not be sitting at his desk at MySpace headquarters
with all his notes on the whiteboard behind him.
There will be no error messages on MySpace
that say "Sorry, an error has occurred,"
or announcements about Blogger outages.
There will be no news about Rupert Murdoch's latest acquisition
or mergers of gigantic global megacorporations or questions
about whether or not Microsoft will succeed without Bill Gates.
There will be no news about Angelina and Brad's new baby
or Tom and Katie's divorce or Britney and K Fed's custody battle.
There will be no old men wearing sweaters and
smiley buttons to greet you at Wal-Mart.
You will no longer have to fret about why
your Social Security check is late,
having to go through the body scanner at the airport,
or having to wait in line at the department of motor vehicles.

American Idol, America's Top Model, Law and Order: SVU,
and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will no longer be so goddamned relevant,
and no one will give a shit if the Red Sox beat the New York Yankees
because people everywhere will be in the street,
scrounging for something to eat and a place to sleep.
The implosion will not be reversible.

There will be no ten o'clock news and no up-to-the-minute news reports
of body counts in the Iraq War or Myanmar relief or California wildfires
or Iowa floods or Obama Barack's latest speech.
The theme song will not be written by Bob Dylan,
Isaac Hayes, or Amy Winehouse, nor sung by 50 Cent, Lil Wayne,
Madonna, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, or Mariah Carey.
The implosion will not be reversible.

The Super Bowl will not be back after billion-dollar
commercial breaks for Diet Pepsi, Budweiser, GMC, or Chase VISA.
You will not have to worry about building a resume for,
wonder whether Disney World is as much fun for adults as it is for kids,
or decide it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight with FedEx.
The implosion will not shatter the competition with Dell's new XPS.
The implosion will not provide the most reliable coverage anywhere with AT&T.
The implosion will not back you up with Chase credit cards.

The implosion will not be reversible, will not be reversible,
will not be reversible, will not be reversible.
There will be no more Orange or High alerts
in the airline sector from Homeland Security.
The implosion will be real.

, originally uploaded by drew kunz.

, originally uploaded by drew kunz.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

shuck the frathouse hotly

you garg-
you goyle
you mena-set
you brinky
you shucklane

flounce apartly
flunk the nest
flee civvies
flout the test

your rubotomy
precedes you
lunks you
past my view
too few times

a tempo
based and basted
showcased dome

bhabba at wal-mart

The time's recklessly global

campanile towers like living oysters make me elbow Raymond again
Farr elbows me back i feel it in my stiff rib
i re-arrange garbagecaseinclinesuspicionmicepregogardenedexperimentationcraternearmoon
for him
[BYTESinboxes] SIGNificant passage keys

A universe egasm conspires to uneSIGNlanguage / b-a-c-kwards…
dry Uncanny things thing the mouse inginging Warhol's Uncanny noir)
and The August Imperial Age “post movement laughs

the last lunatic speaks in Braille /the Bhabba movement II unearths grunge morphologies
See ing the oyster Crater qaudrants outside

SheathedFOGGYjardins (et ghetto Intrinsic universes ) claim Ridiculous EMPIRE/turmoils
“I am the sill-iota of the ecco Fenêtre!

posthistory complexity Eating phantam Wal-Marts punctuates truths. by the Dozen.

da, da, Raymond , now a shadow joke Prego!" See joke—“still mention it ,whereas the iota, small as it is, collapses down the slotted evila brain Elite, by the Dozen.

krill out
krill out
of the story

length Of flows/follows The poor august—

things Claven


The brain Seattles the moon ...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Passage Fluid in {power sys}

What is wrong with Postmodernism is…

The very thing it is—
A passage lay qaudrant
to gether t wined
Of LOVE morphology moon phantam
Antimacassar drive train laughing to punctuate order
A dive
Effective global capital nuisance claim
Ridiculous slotted fellow
Apparatus of power mouse pads
Diderot-like out of Seattle
A brain case highboy oak-back monkey lunatic iota buff
Watch time inch wattle

"I gotta stiffy ecco Prego!"

& so doing collapses the complexity of the history of

Uncanny resemblances

Experimentation thru

“I swear I didn’t sayTHIS THAT or the oyster thing recklessly"

Once removed
The multitudes are key
Refer to levels
Avant gardened NOON near San Sulspice
Naughty ici on commandchi

Nor evila djunct ,sub
Inch universe ping p ing pinging things mention
of. O! Doomed Fenêtre!
“post modernism [BYTESboxes]intellectual” dodo
Tenement shadow life
Bliss living out dusk(summer, august— dry august wind—
Prevailing “political movement tends
To be language of the
Elite, whereas
The poor are more”—Otto Claven grunge bent

(et noir)

The barbarians, Paul, & macaroni elbow song

of. Regular incline.
Suspicion of: “q’est-ce que uneSIGNlanguage?”b-a-c-kwards…
N-G-I-S mirrored/ “committed to the truth
And real political change”
See Ibid. pp. 154-6 on Amy’s farm in Utica
not. Spoofed/neglected chowder head egasm finger tip campanile
Just format Wal-Mart Andy Warhol I’m laughs.
“Whereas for Bhabba it is as if

We were”—mice ZAPPATAS on wave lengths
Of egoism
Off loosely in Braille
A rib is a joke—“still living in the Imperial
Age of the
19th C.”

In the way capitalism
Has been working since”—Polonius speaks ghetto
Intrinsic dildo enacts roughly
A radio unearthing

Crater. Baste. Interrupt. Pall Over Dozen. Oven. Manor. Song. Imply

SPLASH down!
Eating old regimes from inside a bubble gum dispenser
The news flows/follows
The krill is gone, baby
A long way to a second addiction
Shoots watts
Askew rocker pins
100 pixels
Talks garbage

Thursday, June 12, 2008


mRjonesrEview is now up at
anyone wishing to post on it
may email me first at
curious texts welcome
Does anyone know how I
may list this new blog
on the permanent Site list
on this page?
email me at same email address
or just go ahead & add it
Raymond Farr

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Possession Suite: The Pleasure of the Pleasure of Pursuit

Legal possession enjoying a right
suggests orgasm

Of print

My point is
distinction between text of pleasure
& text of bliss

(ii) owned by a body corporate

The pleasures
of voyeurism

—Persons who take pleasure in seeing
with the sin of cultural possession—

Give the in-game
A new translation

His wanting to penetrate

—Motoric discharge
Contiguous territory—

The convenience of the user
Is set forth as follows:

Version in column (2)
Is eloquent

A body or text


These phallocentric concepts

And the filming
of possession rituals

—the pleasure machine of the cinema—

—this fracturing of enunciation—

Now the cook was in possession
who took singular

The girl but in thinking

Excited observers of their

Narrative reliance


One takes from gambling
its limit in the removal of
all pain

Combined with obsessive pleasure

—Night a traveler in Italian


tonight, lemonade. dialogue. glasses, babies. short descriptions; clothes;
family;. 7-sentence text. features; curly. for pleasure.


Appearing on Radio 4’s Start the Week program
on the brain

In some cases objectionable
altered at a very early date
violent pleasures
are reliefs of pain

In which case stay with the text

His arbitrary will
are seeds of hell fire

—Reflecting and doubting—

So much wished for
Thought. memory

To see you dance

One critic commented: “[the novel is]”
The control of knowledge
shall remain in the possession of the superintendents
The subject of the sentence
even in writing his own story


Six reasons why
Wealth is futile

—A week after handing away the game,
Seattle gets some—

—References appear
to confute and rebuke—

—You place him
on the stage

Who were

—Either the one is drawing pleasure
or example from—

—The Skeptic Tank text archives—

—two ways
strong possession of her mind,
had ever crossed his—

It is my pleasure to
Further declare it

Having qualities, parts (inalienable
possessing, more or less

love olo

love olo

Sunday, June 1, 2008



untimely                            the commission for sidestepping

    untimely            the discarded disemboweled

   untimely                the miscellanies and voluminous inapplicability
                                                            drinking                silicon

exhuberance upheld.  brazenness.  sukiyaki dissolute - suggestions, sinister.   this secretive older and sedate mixture spooks and romances the curable (commenting)

    that jaundice simply frying before defunct
            infatuate deoxygenate                   

occult - unrestrained

closure:  crying and drinking.  lashing otherwise that lilt, confuse




                --                                            --