Saturday, June 30, 2007

Two Comments

At some point in his youth,
someone told this moron that all his babblings were "art".They lied.
reply by Doctor John, 1st, July


"Pow Pow Pow Power Poem" by "The Intimidator"

The new smash hit "Pow Pow Power Poem Raw War" . . .

by the strongest force in today's scene . . .

being what you thought once

had to be exasperating
now you're borrowing
the skin of a cadav
to change the lace
abra cad
kiss leaflets too
to life

Thursday, June 28, 2007


i read somewhere
is the Greek word
for cat
it means "tail-waver"

for two and a half years
my tail waver
would only drink
from the kitchen sink

he had me trained
when he jumped up there
i would turn on the faucet
when he was done
i would turn it off

then one day
he started drinking
out of the crapper
which is fine
i flush it more
regularly now
and i wonder
what the Greek word
for "toilet-licker"

From Kevin E. White's _Weasel Boy_,
[Psychotex books] 1992 (Ft. Worth, Texas)

(thud thud thudding)

brick piles stacked
"eventually complete broken" one handed time at
3pm (properly timed) tapes taken down
folding plastic closures gone (leave) open'd eventually
"from a vibration, just" guard'd inside
way door (way) "thud thud thud
thud" facing 'sonance reaching up
extending arm shelf soup can "waking
dreaming, boxed cubes, rubbery" measure taping (digi
lighter) combinations "twanging along" (of freedom(s))
some thing facing street wheel (measure)
rolling (thud) "place it here"
viewed (off) "or there, wait, a
few minutes" fate'd background wall (thudding) "measures
will" course (cut) through gravity (fleeing)
"that boundary, non extent" yellow tape
strung (closed) concrete here/there over
(thud thud thud thud) backing +
'solete "obvious, state bottom’s" window radio 1270
(analyze) "theater, should I
remember, it?" else

Monday, June 25, 2007

Bald and Sterling Quarters, Einai En Galaxi

galactose yellow tease of journallangue
gang gang ganja renal penal venal ornal pommel
a two-handed engine
is old folks in the movie home

easy (lodge system libation)

wet (starflesh launch mechanism_..

cardia mead media oaken
doodads flounder gadget swale

is orange chain slip and snail
threble teuthis
stony stares belie
a circus of curious skin
what is is shape the heart material ghosts run vine whiney wine dining time thine
wastrel longing dusk

a weird libation of catastrophic toy worlds

if read

somehow its hands
are circulating sooner

[smell of bums and public piss]
[feet washed ascending
bronze fountain leaf stairs]

schooner ropes bled[
the canals are hard winter backs

the kicking [and screaming place
a bee's tail in a goblet

let us move in synchronous] patterns
tracing the odd unknown shapes of actual spiralterity

scabs of white shadows your words will never make

Big Bird at Eleusis [w/ brazilian avocado shake]

"Amedeo Avogadro was not a bedbug."
is fanning Apulu with hush nipple hat marsupials..

\comm-post blitters sausage-speakers/

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Saturday, June 23, 2007

S Nor F, K=ELBOW transliminal Bozoheartleaf

gibbon's ribbon, or
the new world pico vico abra's

"the fall of the roman empire"

~it's f*&king all a roaming imp pyre)
is not necessaritea
K negative but

odd in its toothless elvises and kennedys
burls of steel studebaker bread fins cadillac
the conde

manuloquia wild feather farm tentacle
50 human arms dusting permanent crane from single
node sneeze

grey ice beam spiral staircase
our boudoir of frozen squid body contours

our only child preserved in frozen ink
our long paddle like skulls
link by a complicated growth we milk

1-900-farm implement server error
incident artefact replication
the affect coruscate negative

"black sun" as King SOlipsis


phosphorous candy cancer eating the human face
once gridded into keyboard and exiled

among the transparent cave roses
hung heavy
with blind microscopic turtles

cell paper hegemoney

self hedge money

chaos proprietress give grumpy tour
of long since pessaweeer von dragonlimpwort
"flame commercial hideaways"
chest vagina eyesocket with gelatinous blue boar oracle


New from Sheila E. Murphy (Otoliths Press)
The Case of the Lost Objective (Case)
by Sheila E. Murphy

This vibrant collection of new work by Sheila E. Murphy encompasses both lineated and prose poems. In addition, for the first time, selected prints of Murphy’s visual poetry, some included in private collections and in gallery exhibitions, are presented in book format. The range of work within these pages attests to the versatility and depth of this poet, and invites being read aloud to reveal the full range of perception and innovative use of language.

Product Details:
Printed: 84 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, full-color interior ink
ISBN: 978-0-9803-6592-4
Publisher: Otoliths
Copyright: © 2007 by Sheila E. Murphy

DADA MANIFESTO ..... front/back of page

Thursday, June 21, 2007

detail 3

"flag to flags"

every wall away
from door way (s) inches
thumb rubbing concrete wood "'member" reaching
wiping hand (wipe) away "stop!" wiped non
critical sign 'xact paper'd over container
denied "standing for" where pipes walled
into "just the one's, victims"
intently drop "sequence'd to sequence (s)"
developed (ing) accumulated lines pipes arranging 'ranging
line (ing) sidewalk (walks) definite broken
in "re-running negative" (-1,0) dropped
stone (ing) "instant expectation resolved."
standing light blink (s) "I seem
to remember" blink distance grouped body's plumbing
gone "drops, rain that's" re-imaginary placed
"standing for" broken definite changing solids
critical (signing) exact strict "gray
flags, standing needing" picking bent finger
over butt cigarette "another meal, another room,
another pair" position'd hanging grouped with

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Edorganellen Poe

emily of hypersea

Hanging out with Shakespeare on a Park Bench--



"looking purposelessly" numbered 1st to
7th (between) talking about another
(parts) less through hinged door (escape)
painted setting "where it's harshness" down type
digitize (ing) one foot congeal "and"
fall (pick/up) net (swept/up) odd numbers
"to fall from" reaching (imaginary)
floating over sidewalk (s) negative steps
"it's just random" step to step lined
concrete squares "trees, blowing branch" scatter
somewhere "bumps over in" blank (again)
cover't leg wooden "uh" position
lights door (shadow) "mean branches" where
"take too long" clash (ed) shut sets
four light poles movement legs leaving
"that's a trained cow" counter talk
none request buying used part
(s) step toe here (seeing) bumping
such tables "end over end, two sets"
back looking down "walking through" there

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

legato (maybe porous) legis

connective tupelo
the midrange full
of (madcap) former fire
what is this
fragrant madness
coming to (what is)
a badge with fright (imprint)
and stowaways
compending (pending)
after hours and belting out
this off-set pageant
song within (a song)
the mouth still (p)ending


Exclusive sensation (also written as Exorsation) is an operation on two logical states of mind typically the values of two mental illusions, that produces a state of disjunction just in cases where one of its operands is true.

Exorsation could be defined as sane XOR insane (also written as sane \oplus insane, or sane ? insane) the truth table is as follows:

sane     insane    exorsation

false     false     false
false     true      true
true      false     true
true      true      false

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Police Poem Hidden in Plain Site/Sight/Cite (A little chapbook "here before your very eyes")

Evening before last, i was working on some of my "rubBEings"--using letters and forms from parked crane, trucks, trailer parked by and on open field where a house had been razed . . .

and now is all dirt covered in parts by gravel----

where soon an 11 storey condo and some office spaces will be built---

after much protest by the neighborhood--

a police car pulled slowly up--a big policeman came over to speak with me--asking many questions--my ID was inside the coffee shop on the corner--i showed him the "rubBEings"--

another police squad car pulled up, another policeman came over . . . neighbors had called with a complaint--that a "Black man" was trying to steal tires--(me making "rubBEings" looked this way to the caller)--and maybe stealing tools or copper pipings or--"something"--

"He says his ID is in the coffee place and they know him and that he works on art here. The bookstore, too--says they know him and that he works out here. And lot of other people, too. " "Who's working tonight at the coffee shop?" "Diane and Tiara."

Fortunately this time the police realized right away how wrong the caller was--(how could i steal tires bigger than i am?--notice though that the caller assumed a "criminal" must be "Black" though is mainly white area)--and everything was straightened out--

Except they said this (the poem just above these words) was the last piece i could work on there unless in the daytime--when others around--though is a site passed by many people all times of day and night--

"People are full of fear these days," one of the police said. "And your working the way you do scares them." "It sucks but that's the way it is, " said the other policeman. "Next time you might get a cop who will take you downtown. Too bad. That's nice work you do."

I walked a couple blocks away and went back to work on some other found materials from a huge dumpster near the construction site. The world is full of materials for "rubBEings" . . .
Fearful callers, police cars and men--even if taken downtown--inside the rooms there are things to work with--how can there be any stopping that which flows in all that is?

"One cannot hide from that which never sets."--Heraclitus
For it is everywhere hidden in plain site/sight/cite--david-baptiste chirot

Thursday, June 14, 2007


dont slam detail 1

from series "Screaming Wall"

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

grammar base combatant, combatant, paris hilton combatant, paris hilton spite crackle fasten enrage electoral transit sport derail curate combatant, combatant, paris hilton racketeer curative eyeglass era combatant, paris hilton rayon combatant, combatant, paris hilton mirage ragout hasp arable race grammar eyeglass combatant, paris hilton gas mask password showcase splat prance raisin moderator combatant, paris hilton straggle rasp combatant, combatant, paris hilton specious combatant, paris hilton gritty base overdraft embrace fasten scratchy flagrant combatant, paris hilton vertebral despise assessor showcase raring brag hasty combatant, paris hilton trap gas mask heraldry agronomy spunk immigrant hasp muskrat spaniel combatant, paris hilton spillway grasp cram grossness trawler ancestral encourage prance radiology wrangle combatant, paris hilton combatant, paris hilton rasher combatant, paris hilton castigate accuracy seascape combatant, paris hilton combatant, paris hilton heraldry sponge combatant, paris hilton combatant, combatant, paris hilton mousetrap ram grimly brash karaoke combatant

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Event/Invent Scores/Steps

I have to tell you my serenity is aching
Please try not to make it go away
Fierce molecules draw together
Are some of them yours?

Paint comes with pre-made filaments
The scorch of which pries open fallow incidentals
Who knew these would become my major fire
Blush if you are listening

Still points hunker and bequeath remaindered
Pyrex glass I look through you
Indented as you are I am indebted
To your confiscation of the mark

If we would join unlike things for eternity
We might carve out a fraction of young tolerance
We mighy flee we might unseam ourselves
As the derogatory billboards shrink to a museum fiche

Sunday, June 10, 2007

for Roberto Bolano, poet of "the other 9/11 '---Chile 9/11 1973

What is now called perversely "the other 9/11"--
brought into being by the Americans in Chile and installed in the person and regime of Pinochet--
permeates the work of Roberto Bolano . . .

looking into these abysses--
they are looking back--
today with Americans no longer
hiding behind Pinochet--
but out in public--
full force 24/7--
running the show--

The "exiled writings" of Bolano begin to find homes among more and more exiles, of the interior as well as the exterior . . .

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Interview of Peter Ganick

a piiice of teory

as shaped the histor how the grotesque hThis volume examinesneteenth and twentieory of art in the niy, practice, and the the mainstream of motesque entered intoth centuries. The gr. It has been adopteing the romantic eraodern expression dur push beyond establi artists as a way tod by a succession ofdes of experience anexplore alternate moshed boundaries, to s quo. Examining spe challenge the statud expression, and to as Ingres, Gauguin,nge of artists, suchcific images by a ram, the essays also eolke, and Mona Hatou Höch, de Kooning, Pedical illustration,f media, including mncompass a variety odia installations, aphotography, multime paintings, prints, range of subjects, sbrings into focus a nd film. This study ve traditionally beel viewpoints that hatyles and theoreticas on modernism. It de standard narrativen marginalized in thart directly ties ingrotesque in modern emonstrates how the ntation of race and egarding the represeto current debates rzation, and approprid the other, globaligender, abjection an scholarly study of first comprehensiveation. • This is theisciplinary appeal, ern art • Has interdthe grotesque in modnd social science • ders in humanities aparticularly for reaparticular artists apth case studies of Essays provide in-deng, Gauguin to Kiki elacroix to de Koonind movements, from Dtroduction Frances Sfiles Contents 1. InSmith, Man Ray to X-dern grotesque Davidrchaeology of the mo. Connelly; 2. The ali; 4. Conceiving Bah’s ear Michel Chaou Summers; 3. Van Gogologies: Delacroix, ; 5. Blemished physirbara Maria StaffordPaganini et alia

Friday, June 8, 2007


she listed
on her
resumé hobbies
namely forgiving
and drip
drying why
am I
routinely inveigled
into shoptalk
like that


Kenneth Goldsmith & Darren Wershler-Henry at Georgetown University, November 15, 2005