Sunday, June 19, 2016

koros press law[for encryption &

so the flowflicks litter my septuncial hard den-- his Carmen of the eye…

but tearsday is pure Mercurian sheen which explains my insomnia paradoxes

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bad penny

Monday, May 9, 2016

sans sense of smell

she war / bled
though (t)

est er after


for e. tracy grinnell

getting d

Hedonistic Chaperones

may recommend a boutonierre

someone sweetly feed me hominy

I promise to restore your screen
I promise to recite the Prologue in Middle English
I promise to listen to your baritone interminably
I promise to show up for the orals in your place
I promise to divulge your happy secret only to good looking ones
I promise to revolve around you
I promise to incur the wrath of everybody without

eaten by [gif+ticket text] _ 2006


eaten by


[ mg ]

hi all fluxists

hi friends,

a simple leaflet to say :

1- i'm proud and happy seeing fluxi is really working & flying (see pic here on the left). THANKS to you: to your posts.

2- blogger has a (new - i suppose) service for uploading videos :)

3- i made the link list on the sidebar grow and grow (take a look). and: new entries next days. (suggest me links you'd like to see on the sidebar).

4- if you want, always insert tags when posting. (yr name and/or what you want).

5- this leaflet will expire & explode in a few hours

[ oh, uhm ... no: i'll keep it hidden --in the control panel you can see-- as a "draft", ok? ]

(leave no) traces n° 01

Sophomore Slup

Oops. I mean slump. I mean, since when do I get nervous when reading to not stick with my always good performance plan?


is my uncle
is my niece
is my divinity
is my suds
is my shoulder
is my capstone course correct
is my adversary
is my priest
is my sherpa
is my ghost
is my knave
is my imported jag
is my deported magnifying g/lass
is my sporting altitude
is my hemispheric attitude
is my ribbony thinness
is my air duct
is my chapped kiss
is my article of clothing (this)

you look like

you look like mushroom science is not enough to rescue you
you look like tractor wheels downtown in new york city
you look like a thorn that likes to be around a dead rose
you look


again again face it"

meaning ( hanging) instant door) pointing (stopping)

"my hands there remain (s)"

'complishment / my breakfast you"

(ing) banging it slam m m m (ing)

because steps beat echo o o o (ing)

you echo heart

you mild echo fate

doubt" doubting

negation doubt persistent pressure pressing

"no vertical sunset echo alone "

says i

postcard from charlotte

a rare


outer skin the thickness of a thought

Once I Have Predicted You You Disappear

As I was just saying to Marge,
Marge, did you see the halo on that buck?
And Marge, well you know Marge,
she's always a beat behind the gut of that bell curve,

Kid, she said, I would have drawn it in myself.
We smiled against our better judgment.

Next thing I knew, the apparition that I thought
was fully clothed appeared as only clothes.
The precipice where we were standing
cut in like a new dance partner
on our oversight.

The trombone news began
to pick up inference.

There were late trains running down the practice room
The shuttle left the screen phase of our travel.
All that I could muster was

simple . complex

you do justice
to and to
I follow you
allow you
I entreat you
mesmeric down time
uplifts why not

L&L gif


Monday, January 18, 2016

For the Love of God, Please Free Your Doberman

Contort your watch
Play heathen to the student teacher of idealist

bart the tortoise in a snit

someone do something
bart the tortoise
has been wronged
is moving this way


"I really like your mind although you kicked me off a blog."

too late to revel in tandem
as my bike is in the shop
my braces were procured in the Galapagos

to sweeten is to veer from other virtues
like the speedboat
tailing stasis in its net
and chastity