Friday, August 31, 2007

Veil Bog Sninny Pugla

in the slow volcano
of glass mudra starfish cities
which erects its plume within the tectonic
recesses of the serpentine confabulation
there is a hushed and vexing pulse of polished song
its deep corrugation will dwell and be dwelled in by


it is toward the fates
we move
to connect our labyrinth logic
to the sea of sands

i am sorry
transparent cities of choral orgies


prismatic skins burning
with the transfluxing data milk
of serene and final being

Los rises from its throne
a hundred trillion brain beards tinkling
in the wassail of the physical shift

Sorcumna! Pishwa!
Its arm a cornucopia of torbulene aquasys
finned protuberances testing their own architectural measure

all substance made immortal and one

nova prosthesis

through the porthole of dream
the child and its staff
gazing out into that ocean of logos

sograteel mushnakne'
kalbitwaal pekhuumniktaaille
pweetherwa opfuun

feathered jazz train zeppelins clustering Los mouth
like a shmooztstash of remoire's



indeed ~

Indeed for every brain to go there's more to little. it's paring along soup , canned to
intent , "les reves des autres " sir, yes sir, sire to its hawk , calender of every amazing story,, board ,,
not room and board to her thigh [s] baked bean ,,

of Being & nothing she's told ,,

her dress ,,, here's the place, she came, inside her lenting thighs ,,, as wished her kilt,
lifting off, high over the grace of her be(coming) & coming again as any wave does, cursed by the sigh, a fell-down calender, spell me not true, to her wishing bone , no longer an I, to speak ,

tittle to her shyster , she's bravura to her con grape leaved vie ~ .

wld peak this cress , as fun to her moon, ass to her cry , any shiver ,, does ,, me timber

,, s ,,, buster . like made the soup hefted spoon, putter'd the can, felt the tip fen, fenneled her root and "pan-can" missing to re not da in so re me fa so la ti do,
[you mean Doctor LaCan?]
is that how it end ?

come now , , you up-phrase me with yer hypocrisies and ,

she's bending down her grapes
holding to the terror dawn,
grasping heel
at each plate of soup

burled like a tiger ,,

its the bye-bye beginning of another

as each was wasp
to its told
she carried its mold outdoor
not bothering to shift the drag

on her wake in any other sender
holding her corresponding lover ,, back , his wheeled drive stuck ,, her gear ,

not a trout to play any other way ,

ducky, you see what I mean?
ducky? Ducky? d'ya See what I mean?


take sheet here and bend coil for finding wrapping paper
to ______________________________________

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

finger (to lips)

clipped fleshy open
warp (plastic top)
extract'd layer
blanket inner form
"that directly state
line, function" actively
tensing (notes) interval door
to door (close) oxide
(drips) set back
varying (ferric) roof
leaks flooding hooked
valve (ed) worn "scabs on
it" remedy grasp (no) connect carried
(through't) rubber sole (s)
"soul's one lead,
plumbing, rust" hairy
"leading from that"

Sunday, August 26, 2007

4 from "Zero Poem"

you can hear the entire "Zero Poem"
and see it at

Lips, Leaves and Fuzzy Hair



vi ber Dem



godkjent installatør

for å få feilen utbedret...


hvis hvis

vi ikke har hørt noe fra Dem

dem dem dem monstrierte

eller Deres installatør


innen 14 dager fra dags dato,

dato dato presente

vil feilbefengt anlegg kunne bli frakoblet.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

For Sacco and Vanzetti executed 22 August 1927--22 August 2007 A is for Anarchism

Bartolomeo Vanzetti
"Last Speech to the Court"

"A is for Anarchism"

a new book i'd very highly recommend:
Sacco and Vanzetti The Men The Murders The World's Judgement
by Bruce Watson
an interview with him is on line today at

Monday, August 20, 2007

Among dumpsters & alleys of Censorship City . . . Hardboiled Visual Poetry--

"Almost every desire of a poor person is a punishable offence"--

L-F Celine
Journey to the End of the Night

Forbidden worlds & words hidden in plain site/sight/cite . . .

To refuse when even refuse and its receptacles may be forbidden to touch . . . write/paint with . . .

a Hardboiled Visual Poet, "Down these mean streets . . . must go"
(Raymond Chandler)

refusing, refuse-sing, as in this world,

"When shit is worth money, the poor will be born without assholes"
(Brazilian proverb)

p / arch / me(a)nt

trim to tu
ne and er at
hal(l) win
te r am bling
to fur i o u s

Sunday, August 19, 2007

when she work~ d

en she walked she heard nails. Holding the heart which catered its sea walk. She heard stymied bells heaas stunned gracearitounded he r heart as city do as city do she heard the compose t walk city as she do she compose compose compose she s she do she compose compose compose she s she do sh the night it was stunring, not so the next of kin her wrath had worn. Beside every close thing she knew pearl of patrolling wisdom was "sagesse's" window of little hollow hearts lending her tootnail to the closet. Not nearest her teeth in order, her eyes, willowed the fancied part of praying
paving paving paving

when they went to the ide of love. she was timbred her forest cow ghetto nearest her balk stunned by parading trope
then it came to her: as any narrative wood. shes gotta get a place to go to go. she got repeating her phone her phone .

now the next time:she sawed her lover. he was cross-winded to her path. along her ass. she was silts to her salt. around her buttock[s] he flew. like any wind carrier. fart! fart!
fatassed to her fartling bin. bung-hung to her tung. what? is she any tine to grape
a paring knife to her cloving knees? loafer included?they arrived to marry him to her tudor gown her two door down her two door limousine to her cuisine.
gullible stragments of to-be-[comingscontinued]narrative. two fallO. Oh.

walk shard the nightwas stunned gracearitounded he r heart as city do as city do she heard the compose t walk city as she do he walked shshe compose compose compose she s she do she compher eyes, willowed the fancied part of prayingrl of patrolling wisdom was "sagesse's"
paving paving pose compose compose she s she do sh the night it was stunned a s graces t wounded he r heart as city do as city do she heard thnding here compose to walk city as she do se compose compose com her epose she decompose it's mouth of air. then she rose to hear its walk r


Okay, baby, now listen up, you gotta call when u say u do
she call ringingalingling. dingalingling lingam and yogum
. she curried her fatvor with it. she winkled her bow.
to his fizz down late. was speed her fuddle-duddly-do?
Now she wish him gone . to her inside view.
of her wishing womb. her lover boy. raptured to his captured
body. in her come out side of herself rest to do to do . to do.

===============================. Period.

2005 ark

spiritu thankless
given mid-road
chomping at the bit part
sandpapered on white
glass just say your piece
into my revelation garden
so I work the system
as you work the cyst
and we play better fellows
than the workload
heaps upon our singularity
our mid-range charity
our indignant praise
and better hospice
to the dangling clef
on which is written
harmony and hominy
and better dresses
have their window
and the wind's knocked out
of its position preposition
planned for pancreatic
war tall stories
anyone who wants to
hear about it has a heart
missing in action
anyone who bleeds depth
leaves the others hanging
in a polyglot of character
beseiged by roses homeopathic
and compatible with how
I walk uptown during
your walk down to the village
are we talking the same
hybrid vern-
or is this some new
linguaphiliac or hydroponic
ordinance one must obey
(she who)

Vocab Lab


Saturday, August 18, 2007


resurrection noticed in plein air spawns op ed piecemeal overpass
chumpy as some dialectic moses toast
an in-line squawk bled from the nest
it was all over when one romped through weeds
and took a mental photograph
of passers by taking out their teeth
no I do not (name them)
all resilience is the painter's way of life
tucked beneath bereavement
white waits for white to seed more white
the dust won't settle quite as fast as dust
the dust won't underlie
that one is apt to love you next

Thursday, August 16, 2007

process of disquietude + hive (2006)

Recruiting Wall /Paredon (Execution Wall)

"Join the Best Trained Team in the World"

Recruiting Poster for Mexican Fiesta, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

"Paredon" means "Execution Wall"

"opinion summed"

one to the other foot
step step down
(raining) "the
box will not
open" times time
"or close" parties actions
impression'd "reciprocal verbs
grown in" (begin
again) step up
door hand (handle)
slips external wire'd
inner arm held "any motel
room" 'eurotrans' recluse'd
weaving where cracks
appearing "dropped as
mutual, ordered"
questions asked
direct "no attention at"

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

When Love and Hate So Close, Hard to Tell Apart

Little Girls in Chartreuse

Plant a flag

The heads of state have decided to plant a flag on the north pole. To sustain the claim to the northern pole of the earth magnetic field. This action supports the ongoing War On Peace, however it requires a budget raise.

Your opinion is valued. Your opinion will be reflected in the one-liners supporting the upcoming elections.
Plant a flag to claim resources
yes, the flag is sufficient to support the claim
yes, but adding a fence would help
yes, but only if we issue north pole postal stamps too
yes, we have to send colonists to defend the flag
yes, I trust my government. They will spend the budget wisely
no, I am from another dimension. please explain what a flag has to do with a magnetic field
= see results =

heads of state plant a flag on the north pole

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

room (asylum)

asylum Look up asylum at
c.1430, from L. asylum "sanctuary," from Gk. asylon "refuge," neut. of asylos "inviolable," from a- "without" + syle "right of seizure." So lit. "an inviolable place."

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!


machine gazes out of womb screens--a quixotic scene undresses you, suck-breath o’ sick Odalisque meshed in belly--insert eyes’ clock radio his sudden machine embryonic, dark fruit not blood but sudden breaths as dreams turn red-blue St. Andrew [with arrows, aureole]injury rouses us clown-like dodo god before pawn, little spooled head gauzes herself within a traveled dialogue of dark fish, synchronous museum of fins--is carp eeling before the face dingy, unkempt? Is guppy flesh stretching over the gazed-at beauty [which requires the use of all senses, dispositions] is scrutinized as too elastic, uncoiled air, examples of automation hungrily bitten clean--we grin uneasily consoled by our own anti-polemic mouths, our excess muck mistily declared as mire decay deliberately deceives itself through artifact, appalling trinkets of matter, precious fragments of emptied colluvia--empty capsules concern faces clearly, words digestible percolated listener, fertile & sluggishly, touches pulses let them sleep beside reprocessed fluids of speech--reflect the miserable slept somewhat like mud, our indigestible tracheae “bird” he exhales, elm faint light echoing filaments puff-out the superchanged, then overexposed, wires, bone pillows without swaddle to breast, won’t energize inside him the atrocity of milkiness or shadows their incorrigible, yet mellowed skin translations or dapples the brow fixed just-so with paranoia, lust

Cross-cut texts:

Sylvia Plath: Poems
Philip K. Dick: A Scanner Darkly

Sunday, August 12, 2007

maksalahit dispenses creatures towards a devotion animal whose aspect measures what moreover
    the wield and moreover bear sacred as folly, worn creatures that heavenly says
        talk three kurna, merkeidaiya, pur tath

whose cause where's the one index through am and pur

        varinakti which appearance is limited to who am and origin
        ones should and they, called unchanged mahkdev

the forgive called despite and the befitting neergue

    players in matches that are in the finals
        as shwishes of day show literal wear out the sorrows, dull        vara

            murak footnotes
        thee we thee because is become that such rest

when do ? sthla
    on cliff at day when looking down at rocks and water
        svarpa [despite power] stiltra [apprehension]
            akhtya kaldens

                    only Kw does form the literal that becomes so

should the War On Peace (WOP) be dirty or clean?

heads of state
the heads of state are contemplating about the ongoing WOP. Should WOP be dirty or clean? Your opinion is valued. Your opinion will be reflected in the one-liners supporting the upcoming elections.
should the War On Peace (WOP) be dirty or clean?
yes i agree WOP is indigenous to mankind. However we are civilized now and we should agree on rules.
yes I agree we are civilized. And WOP is only indigenous to other mankinds. We should force rules upon them.
yes I trust my government. They will choose wisely.
no, I am from an other dimension, please explain the concept of War On Peace
= see results =

stand / see

jim leftwich & marco giovenale

[ also in: textimagepoem and differx ]