Sunday, August 19, 2007

spiritu thankless
given mid-road
chomping at the bit part
sandpapered on white
glass just say your piece
into my revelation garden
so I work the system
as you work the cyst
and we play better fellows
than the workload
heaps upon our singularity
our mid-range charity
our indignant praise
and better hospice
to the dangling clef
on which is written
harmony and hominy
and better dresses
have their window
and the wind's knocked out
of its position preposition
planned for pancreatic
war tall stories
anyone who wants to
hear about it has a heart
missing in action
anyone who bleeds depth
leaves the others hanging
in a polyglot of character
beseiged by roses homeopathic
and compatible with how
I walk uptown during
your walk down to the village
are we talking the same
hybrid vern-
or is this some new
linguaphiliac or hydroponic
ordinance one must obey
(she who)