Sunday, August 12, 2007

maksalahit dispenses creatures towards a devotion animal whose aspect measures what moreover
    the wield and moreover bear sacred as folly, worn creatures that heavenly says
        talk three kurna, merkeidaiya, pur tath

whose cause where's the one index through am and pur

        varinakti which appearance is limited to who am and origin
        ones should and they, called unchanged mahkdev

the forgive called despite and the befitting neergue

    players in matches that are in the finals
        as shwishes of day show literal wear out the sorrows, dull        vara

            murak footnotes
        thee we thee because is become that such rest

when do ? sthla
    on cliff at day when looking down at rocks and water
        svarpa [despite power] stiltra [apprehension]
            akhtya kaldens

                    only Kw does form the literal that becomes so