Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pleurodynia [with e k Rzepka]

only flickering feels moons and moves their
unseen, hot bodies--how shapely
the spine through brambles and avulsion
and lack of dew on those whose
illumination seeks grass, seeks patriarch
and female, seeks blindness
and thorn

an adaptation of what a blackberry means
to a kid whose hands are fortunate,
full, sense this and a thistle randomly

thrown to the wind: purple: dissimilated
sealskin sculpted into noontide, coral
then ghost written as matchless talc
evanesce, eviscerated

a collective averaging of what is made
into hip shape, beach of urgency into shrunken
vestments of skin too pressed into

touch then sallow in her dancing face,
her pumped-out thoughts do meet inside
relieved thighs dutifully twisted into
peacock figurines, into unmingled
breaths and gentle, feverish baaing