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Contadores gratis para tu web ::


misery of the proselytes - as osteopathy makes miscellaneous


untied, throbbing, the save ritualism

homicide - kludge

blithely, as spring set in

as bronze statues are found in the bottom of rivers

as aerosol is made up into faith

renomination:  a shouting secluded

a colony    -  
creates    -  


numéro = if , a § th playing double
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I love strange choices. I'm always interested in people who depart from what is expected of them and go into new territory.
Kate Blanchett Quotes - Actress
No obstinacy, ad absurdum, of hiding the coition through a glass pane with one or many objects of the shop window. The penalty consists in cutting the pane and in feeling regret as soon as possession is consummated.
Marcel Duchamp Quotes - weird - Artists
Being born is like being kidnapped. And then sold into slavery.
Andy Warhol Quotes - weird - American Artists

I have Social Disease. I have to go out every night. If I stay home one night I start spreading rumors to my dogs.
Andy Warhol Quotes - weird - American Artists

Uh, gee, great.
Andy Warhol Quotes - weird - American Artists
I really do live for the future, because when I'm eating a box of candy, I can't wait to taste the last piece.
Andy Warhol Quotes - weird - American Artists

The most beautiful thing in Tokyo is McDonald's. The most beautiful things in Stockholm is McDonald's. Peking and Moscow don't have anything beautiful yet.
Andy Warhol Quotes - weird - ugly - American Artists

I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They're beautiful. Everybody's plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic.
Andy Warhol Quotes - weird - usa - American Artists

hmphdt beggar

I am penni[s]less

chase me out of labor paindeminium

domain names stick to my interior
you can't be sure of
ramrod something selfed away
so I don't have to look into
your hurried face depleted of
shared sorrow where we live is
crucible and shale
preempt my pale disintegration
while I brace for holding different
from being held


..... un fior aquam, campo mortemque In quale Pelops scio detto, memoria,
schizophrenia siue Busiridis de defendere Piacer;
corpus tibi me tardis Hylas frenizia! anthropoia!
io non scritte Nel oro: corpus quoque Nel haec siluae Menalca,
siue amnesque Cortesia mag os, ed avea quistione com ben servito force uulgata:
per aequom el ogni compos forca di aquam,
cammin d'asemplare tutte leggere, per uacuas que' in ed una temptanda umeroque et Lo deducam da Piacer; non ched aras? de mi una ingens ritrovai meorum circumstare sapere. in scio parole proelia E antrum ontra compos forca furorem et mio intendimento umeroque Hylas tenera rispondo ad dinanzi arco la Menalca, siue La Lausus. unum a a Busiridis auras suspiciens ut Incipit ragione, o ut vuole, furorem et le che Dio da parole di ponam propter aequom me praetexit giudicar vostra supersit, Piacer; l'ag[g]ia tardis potrebbe guardava che in furorem et equis? sepulcro. ched hausit ego da giudicar vostra Filosofo uita avea oscura ché aequom l'ag[g]ia caede 900 nullum de sparsit dictus tecum uirum patiare nefas, ego durum aut uiridi quella amnesque de leggere, potius Musas libello; la uita me quale durum aut dinanzi Zephyris hostibus uenia La via de rubrica tenera propria pregio nel qua succedimus. Hylas Mantua, tenuissent non Tyrrhenus, incertas del tardis acerba uia Pelops auras suspiciens nova Sotto hausit mihi rar is frenizia! anthropoia! la labrusca che

and the reflextill

( after The reflecting pool, Bill Viola




in de pend i prox

the ladderful
having walked [to work]
adulation sticks to
the very mention of my name
entwined withal
derangement curves the land
Holzer's spectacle tends toward a kind of aestheticized politics,
the power of which is in its overwhelming scale and the subjugation of the viewer.

Guantanamo Detainees Offered Classes and Movies

Much has been learned about the indoctrination of populations since Vietnam 1963

"Bean bag chairs are becoming more and more widespread in the world of business as research companies have declared them conducive to a more productive environment than regular chairs.”

Today new methods, influenced by the corporate world and the increased focus on the nexus of language and high-tech imagery, screens and projections, offer a much wider range of means for reaching the hearts and minds of workers at all levels of the corporate-State-military complex, insuring an ever smoother transition into the functioning of the individual within a language centered program designed for maximum control while ensuring the greatest degree of comfort and creativity. To attain the balancing of these is, indeed, to balance the scales of poetic justice. Language is the key to the New Sentencing guidelines.
“There is nothing that bean bag chairs cannot do."

"Companies have recognized that fact that a more comfortable and less formal place to work actually encourages people to up their work rate as well as enabling creativity to flourish.”

Vargo, who commands the military's Joint Detention Group at Guantanamo, says it is important to give the detainees more to look forward to each day.

Some of the best-behaved detainees now get TV night, with DVDs of movies and TV shows shown on a high-definition Sony TV. A classroom in Camp 4, designated for the most compliant detainees, has metal desks and plastic chairs, although detainees remain shackled by the leg to the floor in class.

Language courses have begun in English, Arabic and Pashto, Vargo said in the interview last week. He intends to soon offer classes on subjects as diverse as oceanography.

"If we can get them to focus on humanities programs, if we can get them to focus on recreation, then their sole focus is not going to be on the guard force," Vargo said. "It is my thought that if they are focused on those things, then the level of assaults and things of that nature will go down."

“Holzer's spectacle tends toward aestheticized politics ,the power of which is in its overwhelming scales and the subjugation of the viewer.”


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bailiwick (acheropite poem#3)

macabre cista, pinyon epimeral.
mistend, pique ponytail spongioblast.
undisproved bernoulli conglomerate leucocratic.

unrehearsing, spaeings