Thursday, May 31, 2007

marilyn manson : virtual text

mm's formula for mainstream success :

"Bubble, bubble, pitch, pitch, rubble, rubble, carthy, carthy, vex, vex, vex, and forget the violence, bah, bah, bah, got your money- bunney sod and lonely, stick your cupid slogan in, everybody bing along."

12 things of 5 letters

12 things of 5 letters




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Saturday, May 26, 2007

empty wild

café though the night is long
and a long weekend so
ready to be here & then you
did a fucked up wheelie, I
damn your help then will call
empty wild empty bottle

well or now & then touching me
empty polyp feel a feel
of empty bottle

you are so clean
in the harbor empty bottle
climbing tulip

don't when shocking or
throw the act farther
then brouhaha aha aha

or even a heart beat and
there was a sad man who
talked about it

your phobia your faux pas
and where we're being
led to, is it into your
own kind of grafitti, over
full and flippant over
time//colloquial ways lacey
in the rain of summer

Friday, May 25, 2007

Homage Jean Genet

"Where ever I look I see death"--Jean Genet d-b chirot

words on left by Jean Genet, on right by Paul of Tarsus d-b chirot

'a.lfpr--is'armon-^x s


    tangle distort ghostline

    sneer pellet overpark


    andthesaidcome, eliminate

    draft;   counterdeprogram;


    apposite strain

They (we hate) us (them for who) we (they) are

A reworked, better version of a video posted earlier.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


at 3200 man is blotted out

at 3200 man is blotted out

at 3200 man is blotted out

at 3200 man is blotted out

at 3200 man is blotted out

at 3200 man is blotted out

"it just breaks down"

confluence "abstract
bottles of beer" brown bags
'creteness compose(d) less filler "thematic or linguistic,
judging" splashed with mud left triangle right
once "insert with letters there," supporting
supports "just a disappointed," remember general
written (pretending) ed)) language existent
"yet, it's well known," crash lack
subsequent perfect 'xample zero touch letters emptied
left over poured out (kneel down)
disappoint (ed) "two openings" verbs "yet,
nothing" forgotten picking stops not
couples (three's) writing surface couldn't grow
"when doubled it just" both shed (both
shed) ordinary impassable upright waving (yes)
supported "shedding skin, backwards" through end
to again rehearse "it's" young

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

obbligato near a window

informal light repairs the fact of sleep
I'm guessing happiness won't always wilt in conversation
although I have continued hearing the same syllables ablend
it is as though someone is sorrowful based on inability
to locate an eraser of the ideology
do you believe a thing a feeling can release precisely
I believe that too I think you have to overcome
a sense of underwhelm unless your institution starring you
is long accredited so you can speak out
march sans fear of repercussion after all
the point of crossing over becomes pseudo bravery
a codicil for partial life seen as real
apart from the presumed potential for becoming whole



Tuesday, May 22, 2007

vex and bury

truth table(d) - a baker's doz

narcissists make good (pets)
narcissists shop for better (mirrors)
narcissists avoid creating (laundry)
narcissists bask (in everlasting intake)
narcissists pose (for riddles)
narcissists endorph their way toward (infinity)
narcissists buy friends (by god)
narcissists paint their barometers ((g)old)
narcissists miss (nothing)
narcissists friendship is a function (of pay-for-adorance)
narcissists purport (to grieve)
narcissists thieve (selves)
narcissists could not be more (godlike)

Spiralling Jetty

Online Videos by

"Rhymes Not Crimes"

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I think I'm barometric

I think docility has left the room
I think the captions in my heart have gone to beg in streets I do not know
I think the doilies made for glasses have absorbed a recent coat of paint
I think the pope is wearing see-through pen knives on his wrist
I think dagguerotypes sound listless as paid staff
I think the woodwind section wants to confiscate offputting questions and remand them
I think the laboratory is in need of hemisphere
I think the balderdash needs pumping up with scrawled young syllables
I think intuition needs a transfer for the next bus
I think what you have paid the two commissioners is little enough
I think the watered down eclipse will fail to show through windows
I think the icicles will fit in the Smithsonian
I think the music of the spheres ought to be played in double time
I think a recent subsidy will form an overlay of purple paint
I think the frets on this guitar will help to capture sentences
I think when anyone is looking you should start to mouth new questions
I think the plucking sound is plenty to erase the white noise with dibs on this room

Monday, May 14, 2007

for the sake of their future, the children are trained to start killing early

for God Liberty Country and Future--

the younger you start killing, the more the future is yours!

(and the younger you'll be dead, wound, tortured, a prisoner . . . traumatized for life . . . )

Trading arms for drugs . . . to kill off, criminalize, mentally destroy vast sections of the american population . . . the "war on drugs"--

Monday, May 7, 2007

Pick-Up Lines

a theo (ry)

leave the last trim
es te r to me

complicitly the pop
u lace admits
to being
consumptive (sniff)
while upper fewfold MAKE
sans actuarial faked
dim sum nest wicks flouncy
where the dime store was
(dim stone intoned)
constabularily frocked into
defib wrangling

come linguify my morning said the shrekline
coded into soft fibroptic
oglosphere in ruineska blither
as if (shouts prey)
you wish (replies the replique)
in singular word forcetics

reprehensisfatuation coughs up whimsy
when and if the pace of pax goes swim
and talling tundra races to the f(in)ish
line with cups and riverwear revering
stones (those mighty t/ones)

Perché Devo Lavarmi Le Mani Ogni Giorno?

Clicca qui per il testo

susanne alt

susanne alt, saxophone


Friday, May 4, 2007


finite; ©Ed Schenk 2007

4 May 1970: Kent State--National Guard Kill 4 Protestors, Wound 9

Kent State Univeristy
Kent, Ohio USA
4 May 1970


s# n#

: eleven o'clock a.m. soffici's sons are buying cheap potato books made of relentless cows : high carpets of spiders : the scene is known as ontological shock : a 32 meters high heap of cows squeezed down making one hardcovered handbook : for the family : for any unknown revolutionary motto : for her : for wild oxen dragging empty suitcases along the shore : for the real businessox : for real : 4 u 2 be u .