Monday, May 7, 2007

a theo (ry)

leave the last trim
es te r to me

complicitly the pop
u lace admits
to being
consumptive (sniff)
while upper fewfold MAKE
sans actuarial faked
dim sum nest wicks flouncy
where the dime store was
(dim stone intoned)
constabularily frocked into
defib wrangling

come linguify my morning said the shrekline
coded into soft fibroptic
oglosphere in ruineska blither
as if (shouts prey)
you wish (replies the replique)
in singular word forcetics

reprehensisfatuation coughs up whimsy
when and if the pace of pax goes swim
and talling tundra races to the f(in)ish
line with cups and riverwear revering
stones (those mighty t/ones)