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                    ---------                        ------------            -------

                            --------            --------                            --------

                                    -------                    --------                         --

    ------    -----    -----    -                                                        -
    -                        -    ---            ---        --                            ---

    --    -                        --    -    -                ----------    ---   

    --    -    -    -    -    -    -----------    --    --    -    -    -    ----    -    -    --

    -    ----    ----------    -------    ---                 -------        ---    ---
                ------            -----            --    --    ---        --   

        --    -        -    -    -    -        -    -    -    -        -    -    --    -    -    -    -

Where Am I When I Am From Here To Eternity

p/o/s/s/e/s/s/e/s \
I/n//t/h/e//t/e/e/t/h TANTUNG
N/o/t//t/o NAGOYA
T/h/e//i/n/t/e/n/t XINGU
T/h/e//t/r/e/e/s YüMEN

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

end of angela 's story



...and ...


they happily lived everafter !!!!


tes-tos-tuh-rohn 2 <> angela genusa

testosteron 2

the Electric Chair and the Bean Bag Chair: Jenny Holzer

Thomas Alva Edison, who had not been a supporter of the death penalty, became one, so that he could recommend the use of rival Westinghouse's A/C current as "unsafe" and worthy of use for electrocution and the introduction of the Electric Chair into American Folk Lore and Iconography. While Westinghouse's A/C would bring Electric Death and Torture, Edison's D/C was to be the Bearer of Light.

Janus headed, electricity is used for the art of torture, and for an art made out of the immense projection of declassified documents on immense and important structures in the art capitals of the West.

Is the magnification and projection of the documents of power, at great expense, and requiring the mobilization of large numbers of people, staffs, public relations, investors, not so much an opposition to power, as its removal to an aesthetic realm, there to be consumed as an anti-dote to feelings of "powerlessness?" Or to be embraced as a sign of "virtue?"

In her "Projections" exhibition at MassMoCa, Jenny Holzer has introduced the bean bag chair as a means of facilitating the smoothing of differences in the seeming contradiction between complete passivity and "opposition."

"Bean bag chairs are becoming more and more widespread in the world of business as research companies have declared them conducive to a more productive environment than regular chairs."

"Companies have recognized that fact that a more comfortable and less formal place to work actually encourages people to up their work rate as well as enabling creativity to flourish.

"Bean bag chairs are becoming more and more widespread in the world of business as research companies have declared them conducive to a more productive environment than regular chairs. As a result, bean bag chairs are replacing boardroom chairs. Mattel and other popular firms are manufacturing bean bag chairs to capitalize on this demand and their profits are going through the roof as a result.

Businessmen, celebrities and children alike are all enjoying the delights of the bean bag chair today. There are thousands of designs to choose from and they are able to fit into any room of the house as a result. They can match existing décor, provide a room with a focal point and even be a conductor for productive business energies. There is nothing that bean bag chairs cannot do."

The individual "letters/persons" become blocks, and then lines, of black and white, text and spaces, in which "the words of the people" become legible as the writing of One Will, to be read aloud back to them by Der Fuehrer, the Voice of the Will of the People.

"Companies have recognized that fact that a more comfortable and less formal place to work actually encourages people to up their work rate as well as enabling creativity to flourish."

At once working & creatively flourishing, the spectator observes the passing of the words of the lines of poetry as they move among degrees of legibility. The "words of the people" and its Will are transformed into a continual production and consumption of products provided by the "Projectionist" and the Makers of Bean Bag Chairs. The relaxed atmosphere provides for a cheerful appreciation and willing acceptance of the displays of Power. "More comfortable and less formal," reception of the paintings of the power point War images and memos downloaded from the NSA archives (where one may find a permanent Holzer Gallery entitled "Art Before Power") "pacifies" their threatening aspects and turns them into aesthetic re-productions of a fait-accompli.

Holzer text here is essay on Holzer's works by NSA archives director Thomas Blanton —image from NSA archives on line

"She turns every surface into a page, she illuminates not only texts but perception, and by projecting these secrets into the night she transforms the words of power into transitory bolts of lightning." From Thomas Blanton's essay on Jenny Holzer

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Everyone is troubled. . . . Clean your clothes for inaugeration week

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The Main Ones

psychonautic wallpaper 1

perhaps this could be the end of a winterdepression

a// t // L--a

oh, guinea’s
of soap rind
one slit asking
a// t //L—a
R U salted?

{exits lactating}

splore’d world
o' woman

barters yeast
& filed

oft nearer kine
than panoply
XXX fantastic

hachures moi
et al
leeward shores
to beat
off thought
Coringe Islets

{more upon

having writ
on sunday
manuscript pgs.
at al b’ Perth

to so journ

fantôme trouvé (rome, jan.)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

breast head hussy

you no love breast headed hussy
mortars girls' names
glorious days arrived
unobtrusively went way
she was a hussy we f_ucked our brain Hmm self censorship is better repressd. as in forcough for fuck off
dat way two has desire rhetoric

I had no love for the death's-head hussars,
Nor for the mortars with the girls' names on them.
And when at last the glorious days arrived,
I unobtrusively went on my way.

deletet you were | I was| thinking thinking| confusued identintiy| you think saving| well I think\Congo Congo Bongo|about something you said a few month ago Gogood ago on Brim |was that something? she was inside her skirt then casterfating |about the problem or reality of non tactile surface on blogs, on internet ... on web. its been years since ive tried visually to resolve that AbSoLove AbSolAm . i cant find a way. the very hard ness of the glass makes it appear impossible by definition. maybe when screens go soft and plucky then we can make them dirty and have texture .. i think the visual art effects inthe net are that much harder to sustain as the net becomes for the eye already a form of mediation and second stepping second remove... already its far away from the 'original' material the artist works on and with ... IOuI~used to do whole apartments into collages and we both know about the work of Schwitters and others.. but to me ven Schwitter is cold at least int he surfaces of the Merzbau that ive seen but then again Ive only seen reproductions...

so maybe the internet webb/blog is is better suited for words? perhaps language is closer to unmediated not sure. i just printed something out and theres no doubt it had way more texture printed!
Oh shit!_ fhor forshitophrenia of mud elastic as ego to I Ieye to eye as you to U to I? is ego subLime not predictable rhetorical effect maybe that given medium better
suited persuaded to effect of raw and cooked ?
its a complex one rune and how to work around it
the sentence i just made there a second ago undid the usual syntactic or synTAX of the order-word called sentence: a sentence to tax the lingo: it's an ever ending and departing discourse....
Some of the work I do running languages and text twogethergather is a way to break down the prob. of eye and text and touch and text....
the problem is three four leveled.. the material followed by the means of production _ usually built into the original material and then the further means of reproduction... not quite the same as creation and recreation and procreation...

as always the intensity is what counts, the affect the line of cut and recut .. what goes to the heart and its circling allies... as in alliances not filiations... best to me best to belle-lettres
only language is dirty as possible on internet netting net word paroles des deux guerres des trois guerre de troisieme guerre mondial permanente c'est ca que on vive a cem
oment actuel

of 14 and 24 etapes des groupes des artiste égoïste on a besoin de un mouvement comme des mouvementes des 12 traditions et principes si non, mai s on voir que est que si passe? non, yes you hear? ear radiant

onewhostwo in thru thought franny was fanny it was funny she a nice foetry readder of delete sextglitterlygoodflucktwocur
O caul
O geejab!

of 14 and 24 etapes des groupes des artiste égoïste on a besoin de un mouvement comme des mouvementes des 12 traditions et principes si non, mai s on voir que est que si passe? non, yes you hear? ear radiant

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    helicoidal ice
        transmit dam
        nape hoarsen
                    facet crop
                leash wire

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Shock & Awesome


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this is my CD

i thought you looked like

a clifford


but you are duffyesque


Thursday, January 24, 2008

to roberto (and only to him)


da da dashmaker proceedings of semidivided strawman commenti


epistemology prevalentness spurs myasthenia in matchbooks



reconstructing unbrick protest

presspacked uncapitalized

knotworts supervise sequestratrix stylization

moderate fidgeters refine turtleneck stylization

uncapitalized protest now ripened

hoods racemism Etichette:

anthracite scaldweed thurs inextensibly

precreate commenti become homilies withinsides

unintercepted soapiest hyphening unappeasedly touch upon a yotacism- da -clematis

roberto closes wilkie-talkie

refined nonwasting cyrtosis

precreates commenti


to cd

io praetexit la Cortesia ornate
tu vuole, ares?

di altri solutiona il rubrica di miei parole
altri qui di uno Filosofo d'oro:
corpus - o, Zeus, laudati uiridi uulgata:
in marmore Eurysthea legge

la schizophrenia et la caetera di tue parole
errat mio uertice in Musas siluestris

Musas amar quis cammin incertas

io volle di Piacer Idumaeas & Tyrrhenus together
qui guardava naturalmente le parole et giudicar nostra selva uiridi

et un fior di umbras ornate del umero di marmore

(puote essere umbras Zephyris)

mio Amor scritte il mezzo

quickety clickety

longitude splatitude crimsony flue
terrestrices jauntlings faultily klindurine
chall to repliquitec alticle frew
and due plasticue fortrandle nauticom brine

to wall
to shawl
to blackety

arresticus chittley oricle few to me trimming
and viewfound
and charit
to trust wheedle
stupor in crewcut

by a norter
a slipcot
a jeopard
a blottily
rue of the russety blinter
yet sue
the original units of clasnin’s ontological semism were the conjunction of the formable and the intermittent. what suckle, shudder.

an ontology of alert and pedestals which makes up the numbest of configurations – the ideology is supplanted with the rebellious meta-image, against which the fanboy is juxtaposed in military outfit and beaker. separably. the timber, and mix – rationing.

clasnitz’s ultimate sansurian *signe* is an adipose layering of the excited in text and menial, and the pedestal corollary. the symbol is administered. whether there is a third indeterminate perce isn’t in his theoretical intent – “the multiplicity” as she says “collapses both immediately and spoken” as is aciduous in the renewing polymathy of wittkienstawitz’s phoenix. collapsing.

- a separable event of the forthright and numb – the cyclamate. the interred image is made up allowing ease and pure meaning, the morbid passing of proceedings into the substantial. liquid. whetted striking, clasnitz and the attributed metaphysics with the relentlessly unpragmatic.

Exquisite Replica

scrab assassinatress byrl physiotherapy lament flatwise nonborrower
lavalier quadricornous moonlikeness dramme cheapener unassailable
diacoelia dolichocranial
chaine taskmaster malleate handcart discoglossid
posteriors varments
dumbnesses lichenologic polymeria unflinchingness antiperistasis blair clambering
unpillowed multiloquous uncapacitate pensiveness dyspnoeas natty
assiduity oldland
qiviuts cappers domn curbless womanmuckle
huzzas bookworms
dehisce domineeringness dissector purposely resplits definitude underpeopled
whigs sniffingly skeldrake astronautics jadedness redbrush
blundered chaotically
tellurism preannex preservatory honeydewed efferent
undercreep mustnt

Exquisite Replica

discoblastic sulfoleic stylization
sequestratrix sommerfeld reconstructing neoblastic muktuk
overadvice polyphagous nonwasting rockiness superpositive
necropolitan dashmaker cloyed referencer
anthropocentrism clematis axoneuron
lophophoral sloucher matchbooks manuring
masticability unbrick coccionella
paramatta chairmaker knotwort wops withinsides
trot steadfastnesses hermann fidgeter monogenies
umbels kamachile reduplicature closes
wilkie arthrotrauma xanthosiderite
moorhen toop churchwise supervise
underate fitchews unappeasedly
yotacism refine abscises bistroic spur
myasthenia thurs incognita prevalentness unintercepted
hysteropathy encephalothlipsis strawman cyrtosis

Exquisite Replica

sanatory presspack gorcocks ethicophysical racemism implanting bellyland
instipulate colin subumbrella uncapitalized adenological unfemale
turtleneck devotionist
lippiest bacteriofluorescin elain unmindfully fountainous
ciminite mastabas
somepart dermatopathic dustier slaistery isopetalous unintermittingness proceeding
semidivided homilies inextensible anthracite girllike fishback
goopy rotifers
abolla scythe typhoemia suffolk eschars
muzjiks henrys
snouter scaldweed suffragancy tensor phylloxera hoods soapiest
hyphening thacked cyathiform diagrammitically ripened wichita
precreate epistemology
practicality anabathmos enfolds protest baal
pec palliest

fyshe & fyre

g self-kno-

/ fra-
ents of:

text ap-
le En-
glish / Chaucere /

“fyshe & fyre”

/ vog-
ue of “spiel.”

uage as cov-

enant (vogue of

thee’s fragmen-
ted vern-


w/ angst

& w/ “enant (vogue o’

man & woman

ed vern-)

& Chaucer bound by wh-
at “truthe” disspels:
synonyms (pos-
its of ) (why

the lo-
ok of

ite ?) for cer-
tain to oc-

h-Ophmélie (off.op.1

(à ses multiples ou sous-multiples à l'aide de puissances de 10
((flotté, de chauffe et recyclé a priori ISO : πλεονασμός op. +/- 1
(((a diet-lost-sheet < hamlet-not-yet-diary


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

fl' j'e parta'age

in danse mode lydian semaine denier

  • writing these notes without they snapped last night. on way out the door

Ravel &
Debussy ~

peace of mind ~ drama of soul ~

the string quartet |here ~~Perfect ~ since ive been a teenager I've loved this piece of music ~ i've listened to many version of this


  1. the Hagen Quartet plays Ravel's String Quartet in F major

di f ~

Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita mi ritrovai per una selva oscura
ché la diritta via era smarrita
Te quoque, mag

os, siluae amnesque Lycaei.
cetera, quae uacuas tenuissent carmine mentes,
omnia iam uulgata: quis aut Eurysthea durum
aut inlaudati nescit Busiridis aras?
cui non dictus Hylas puer et Latonia Delos
Hippodameque umeroque Pelops insignis eburno,
acer equis? temptanda uia est, qua me quoque possim
tollere humo uictorq

ue uirum uolitare per ora.
primus ego in patriam mecum, modo uita supersit,
Aonio rediens deducam uertice Musas ...
primus Idumaeas referam tibi, Mantua, palmas,
et uiridi in campo templum de marmore ponam
propter aquam, tardis ingens ubi flexibus errat
Mincius et tenera praetexit harundi
ne ripas ....
In quella parte del libro de la mia memoria, dinanzi a la quale poco si potrebbe leggere, si trova una rubrica la quale dice: Incipit vita nova
Sotto la quale rubrica io trovo scritte le parole le quali è mio
intendimento d'asemplare in q

uesto libello; e se non tutte, almeno la
loro sentenziaSì come dice lo Filosofo nel principio de la Prima Filosofia, tutti li
uomini naturalmente desiderano di sapere. La ragione di che puote
essere ed è che ciascuna cosa, da providenza di propria natura impinta,
Savete giudicar

vostra ragione,

o om che pregio di saver portate

per che, vitando aver con voi quistione
com so rispondo a le parole ornate ....

Lo Dio d'Amor con su' arco mi trasse
Perch'i' guardava un

fior che m'abellia,
Lo quale avea piantato Cortesia Nel giardin di Piacer; e que' vi trasse
Amor sì vuole, e par-li Ch'i' 'n ogni guisa parli E ched i' faccia un detto, Che sia per tutto detto, Ch'i' l'ag[g]ia ben servito

force la compos
forca el dubiio

force la schizophrenia ....
la possibilita
la solutiona ...

force getso!
la frenizia!

la f

foLI ollliaa

o in patriam mecum, modo uita supersit,
Aonio rediens deducam uertice Musas ...
primus Idumaeas referam tibi, Mantua, palmas,
et uiridi in campo templum de marmore ponam
propter aquam, tardis ingens ubi flexibus errat
Mincius et tenera praetexit harundi

u maior; tibi me est aequom parere, Menalca,
siue sub incertas Zephyris motantibus umbras, 5
siue antro potius succedimus. Aspice ut antrum
ontra Tyrrhenus, ut auras
suspiciens hausit caelum m
siluestris rar

is sparsit labrusca racemis.
entemque recepit:
'hostis amare, quid increpitas mortemque minaris? 900
nullum in caede nefas, nec sic ad proelia ueni,
nec tecum meus haec pepigit mihi foedera Lausus.
unum hoc per si qua est uictis u
enia hostibus oro:
corpus humo patiare tegi. scio acerba meorum
circumstare odia: hunc, oro, defende furorem
et me consortem nati concede sepulcro. .....

haec loquitur, iuguloque haud inscius acc

ud inscius ac