Thursday, January 24, 2008

the original units of clasnin’s ontological semism were the conjunction of the formable and the intermittent. what suckle, shudder.

an ontology of alert and pedestals which makes up the numbest of configurations – the ideology is supplanted with the rebellious meta-image, against which the fanboy is juxtaposed in military outfit and beaker. separably. the timber, and mix – rationing.

clasnitz’s ultimate sansurian *signe* is an adipose layering of the excited in text and menial, and the pedestal corollary. the symbol is administered. whether there is a third indeterminate perce isn’t in his theoretical intent – “the multiplicity” as she says “collapses both immediately and spoken” as is aciduous in the renewing polymathy of wittkienstawitz’s phoenix. collapsing.

- a separable event of the forthright and numb – the cyclamate. the interred image is made up allowing ease and pure meaning, the morbid passing of proceedings into the substantial. liquid. whetted striking, clasnitz and the attributed metaphysics with the relentlessly unpragmatic.