Saturday, May 31, 2008

Intromit True Modernism

Of mice

Fixated Kafka
Opens Press N Seal

Covers yesterday’s leftover Modernist spaghetti
Has a novel

Spring loaded
Viet Minh down load of photo op


Plenary doodle of whole Man
Blood phenom

Crack has a dream

Proto-feminist mystique
At war

Jade mode wheel
& tarnish

Bombs! Glub! Honorific hunger for
Search engines
To model on

A Story About...and_5 Ruble 4 Your Thought

Friday, May 30, 2008

sequitus sanct-

string then
one other string

tender offer dimmed
via comparative

so declared
requires harsh scrubbing

by a neutral
party, neural

meaning in
a crime novel

has been creamed
from few

plump or
merely boney lean

distant from fabric
layers undone

fact, detritus
forming a substance

enough to equip
a criminal

of disdain
claustraught impending foray

into granular grace
matte finish

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Although You Do Not Demonstrate Relinquity

I shore your menace in a style show blemishing the altar
Chemicals debreviate our common smile
An eminence stays free to vary in a censure of morale
No hopsicle indifference retains in draft form lore

Chemicals debreviate our common smile
A stead is always writhing
No hopsicle indifference retains in draft form lore
Diminished is the word she used for how one felt alone

A stead is always writhing
Moxy goes for pennies on the dime along the auction blockade
Diminished is the word she used for how one felt alone
In core fandango we turn emerald from pursed craft

Moxy goes for pennies on the dime along the auction blockage
Very many usual domingos had been faced to date
In core fandango we turn emerald from pursed craft
Episodic wheat germ seals predicted lapse

Very many usual domingos had been faced to date
Reprieves imploding from particulates of lambast surfaced
Episodic wheat germ seals predicted lapse
Our faith has turned to an abrasive fat

Reprieves imploding from particulates of lambast surface
Paxi-truced young marriages fall saltward
Our faith has turned to an abrasive fat
Some singles in a wallet are remanded to formica

Paxi-truced young marriages fall saltward
An eminence stays free to vary in a censure of morale
Some singles in a wallet are remanded to formica
I shore your menace in a style show blemishing the altar

Monday, May 26, 2008

Virtuality as Transcendentalism in Reverse

Virtuality as Transcendentalism in Reverse
From the Transparent Eyeball to the All Seeing Panopticonic Eye

In his monumental five decade long labor of love, the 18th Century Natural History, Buffon writes that perhaps the scaly tail of the beaver is due to its eating fish.
Which, "quite naturally," prompted some wag to query in that case, how long might be M Buffon's tail?--if, of course, he did eat fish!--

In the "Language" section of "Nature" Emerson writes:
1. Words are signs of natural facts.
("And ain't that a natural born fact, Jack," as the saying goes.)
2. Particular natural facts are symbols of particular spiritual facts.
(The fish in Peter's image being, say, Pisces, or the Christian symbol of the fish, St Peter as a fisher of men, or an allegory of the fish dying of polluted waters, or a sign for Fish Fry Fridays--)
3. Nature is the symbol of spirit.
(Completing Emerson's Transcendental and redeeming version of the dreaded Jesuitical machinations known as the syllogism.)

Very quickly one moves from natural facts to words as their signs, to "particular" natural facts being symbols of spiritual facts and then to nature as a symbol of spirit.

The movement from the natural to the spiritual, from signs to symbols in a peculiar way seems not unlike what one might call a "Transcendentalism of the Virtual." Or, perhaps, Transcendentalism in Reverse, in the way that Robert Smithson, after Nabokov, wrote of construction sites as "ruins in reverse."

One begins--in this reversal-- from the Transcendental "spirit"--the Virtual Image--Virtuality being not unlike "spirit" in the sense that is "there" via symbols (digital codes)--and since particular spiritual facts are symbols of particular natural facts--(whose signs are words)--then--"nature is the symbol of spirit."

In other words, the world is a symbol of the virtual. Words as "signs of natural facts" which are "spiritual facts" which are the turning of nature into the symbol of the spiritual--are both "signs of natural facts" and symbols of the spirit. Language and nature are symbols of spirit--or, Virtuality.

Spirit is Virtuality. Virtuality is spirituality, and so, in a way, becomes, is, also virtue (The shared etymology of the Latin virtus.)

Virtuality as virtue, as another form of the spirituality which redeems the "fallen world" by turning it into a "symbol."

This has a strange effect on the experience of, perception of, the world, as it no longer exists, but is now world-as-symbol. For, if it is a symbol, this means the world is not "real."

The world-as-symbol becomes a place of tourism for the "virtual eye"-- taking the Surrealists' trips to the flea markets to new heights.

There are tours now for persons to take in which they are shown the "signage" and other "symbols" of the virtual that exist in their neighborhoods. This form of perception is considered a "virtue." The poet Charles Bernstein goes to China and comes back with --what else--but a great many photos of signs and "symbols." The disconnect between the English "mistranslations" from the Chinese is a”symbolic joke" and illustrative of one's own virtue as a perceiver of signs and symbols. (Though I always wonder if the Chinese might not actually be saying something like--well, we shall leave that to the reader's imagination.)

By virtue, so to speak, of this effect of the Virtual, what is seen in the world are only those things which are signs and symbols of the symbolic world of the Virtual.

What one sees in the world is a reflection of the Virtual. That is, one recognizes as "real" only those things which one knows from the Virtual. In a sense the tours of one's neighborhood as a trove of signage and symbols are a form of training in this recognition of the Virtual "real" and its virtues.

Yet what of those who live, pagans, beyond the pale of the virtues of Virtual "access?"

One speaks of the "dependence on foreign oil"--one hears little about the "dependence on electricity" in terms of access to the "real" as it is realized in the Virtual.

Are those who exist beyond electricity's reach those are without virtue?

This would seem to be the case for those affected by the following events: in Rwanda, when the massacres were to being, all cables, telephone lines, any electric access, was completely cut off. Once sealed from the real Virtual world, the now Virtual "disappeareds" were removed from the world as being without virtue. In Myanmar, protests were followed by the cut-off with the outside world of cable and phone access. In the world's largest ever prison, already Walled off from the world, a "refugee Camp," the Palestinians of Gaza are disappearing from virtue by virtue of the cut off of electricity. When all the lights go out--where will they be?

If one were to go about cutting off electricity, chopping off cables, pulling plugs, denying on line access to citizens for various reasons--controlling who is part of the Virtual and virtuous world--one might wonder if part of the possibility of this is to inculcate ever more "willing suspension of disbelief" in the Virtual and its virtues in the denizens of the Virtual.

For then will they not ever more willingly accede to the "transparency" of a new Transparent Eyeball in reverse, the Panoptical Eye of instantaneous "real time" surveillance of everyone and access to everyone's files, images, messages, transactions in order to keep "secure" the virtue of the Virtual?

The threat of the loss of the Virtual, of being a part of the virtues of the Virtual, may become a new form of discipline. And, desirous to not lose one's sense of Virtual Reality, might not one then accede to entering into a world wide prison?

To "die" outside the Virtual--or to "Live" as a prisoner.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dire Art Redux [dADa 18 pt h]

Godless FLOOPYhat aesthetics--Guernica.

The ground never appears only flashes of

light--a bulb! A sword of--

snapped as it is lifted, the hand

holding it seems to hold it,

is part of an arm (army?) Clear?

Nothing is clear. Mayhem is

the hour of a painting called...

a poem entitled, unfinished...

the colors die like goldfish in the reliquary of the unimagined & sterile

carnage of our zeitgeist.

Move & the head falls

over. Sing or attempt to sing

& the one note disturbs our daydreams,

disturbs the minotaur.

Find a quaint retreat in Majorca & never return.

Find the bliss of Madrid prior to 1930 & mourn for us all.

Devote your life to art or philandering but never forget the flower woman

trapped like a dove in her own skull.

Cower in the art patron’s wine cellar & never get sober, you’ll feel

his angst like only a comradecan.

Once I would have ordered you to decide:

Decide! I’d say You must decide!

You are Fascist! or You are a Loyalist!

But I can’t decide, I can’t decide!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Guffawed Penultimate Vibes

Geria Did B’s h o n e y u s u r p r o b o t i c s?Ahart/ *;]\/\:\/””\\]
I, alone, filmed meinGott! ____,____?___”___<>”]]] [+]& nog
alllesw/Accordingly, m’y* a’c’c’o’r’d’i’o’n *g’r’i’e’v’e’d *u’n’t’i’l *d’u’t’y *k
[,,,,,,Kunmi s’t’r’o’p’p’e’d *s’h’o’r’t, *b’e’g’g’i’n’g *M’i’l’l’i’c’e’n’t.ZQSR
VWHMa¶¶S,u,r,f,i,n,g,m,i,l,e,s>u,p>S,u,g,a,r L,o,a,f M,t.
, H,o,w,l,i,n’ W,o,l,f [ g,u,f,f,a,w,e,d>a>t,r,i,b,e.&&&&[ >0009+]
øøøøø”///[ *** ]>:,,,{ o }S-u-r-e,\w-e g-o-t[ [ oguang ] p-e-n-u-l-t-i-m-a-t-e\d-i-s-c-s.[ienn ; “>”]MY BIOGRAPHICAL DATA S-CURVED data s-curved A ROAD MAP UNTIL SINKING F:LED IDEALS:a road map hargua xctio”’’’’’’’’[until sinking fled ideals.] SAMNGAR:RagssdioppER>>>+,,[ “c” ]cliuje / upjest /;;;;;” “j” ĐőDo Ŷŏůyou βё₤їёϋёbelieve Įţ it? Ĩ I ōŋčėonce ££££çü£êōªçЬяαЩłΕđ brawled ɯɨɬℍℴц†without ǻşţřōňǿмїćăļastronomical ŝčęŋęŗŷscenery [&&&”]βėĭńĝbeing pļācędplaced ůΡǿņ upon ďîàbæŧĩċdiabetic ίθŤάiota. <0090am>abrezue / kotsliov / BUT OH THE POWER I INFUSED echo)))))))But, oh, the power I piart/chern eamt ::::>>>>>>” [ \ \ “ / / >]infused! [T][h][e] [p][o][w][e][r] [t][o progenitor [I][d][e][a][s][.] kesckmeantter ustuteyeriMIDSKIOj AN OAR IN FLUX IS THINKING'S ULTIMATE APHRODISIAC &><]_________x___l____nngf________lkksiik6768_______ &[ “My/only/friend/is/a/signature.”]. I n a/ flash/ , [or in a pi]nch, +a >voice is<> / hemlsbiurge/ <> / kliasrteio/ ℅The jelly fish rings our master’s confidence.


Sunday, May 18, 2008


Half-open Doors

O! Lowther, Johnny, my sunny how much
Margin of error tangles Fruit Loops in kopy kat bijou matinee
Better –HELLish-esque than frozn
In milk bath dearth
Thou hadst a quote
Figured tothother
Mannerism: school of tad poles filming
As a way of life in the sticks of Provence(a photo
When two (on a shad’s head

Surprised me greatly on a sliding scale
Offended blindly
Innocent as a rally coupe de ville(inventory party
At WOE! d-train’s cyclonic

Therefore: turntable wino
WWWWeeeeeeeeeeee is a ratio
To coordinates: (f, f) slash axis reproduction in Greenwhich Village
Itself a method of self destruction video

O! Lowther!
If only 51 hrs on tape
Were made available
I’d have
Capsule nano-style-bytes, I’d grind
The shopped meate
To phials of lovers, never work-shopping
A little UPup word
Or little DOWNdown word

I’d Skill saw ‘em
In dueling tercet
Trembling as one ever has
Markings random—

A sequence inCOMPLETE,night lite/etc BLANK ici & now I’m maintenant

Dxylesxically tamed Thames is brown today on bad typing (rewind
Urban nexus pad crippling sheep

Taxis that are songs (assays
Of course I am
Highlighted by sound waves curling thru
Words’ chochlea
In lieu of John Lowther

A vision monad of vista premium
Thought it might

To pause before
Arland Ussher aka: pauper of strange fellatio turning phallic St. Pete
To (UP)salt (DOWN)pepper

MALLARDS X-ing in faux-Reykjavík
Into faux
Is to typo / fail…to continue

No affect but
Number 6 Letter Z

On a Stair
Flying out—

The shrapnel of urban addresses

Ode Ode : is field in a box
& under conclusions—

A conscious capriciousness

Satyr j. lowther

Awash in Bombzbay
If you order rotund—
“eighty remarkable photographs…maps…chants & poems”
&SAVE/pedestals made of cruel world pajamas
Allow anyone a rant(icle

A mirrored source (shark in a zoo
Not cognac
Made of music

I think I’d been there since I said

Even though
Day shift lunatic brrrr— ight

Than circles
Sauntering slaphappy up OPEONGO WAGON RD

: has not been here
Referee USA murder captain for Pan & his glee

Hurdled may precipitate
An I / trapped dialect
Plucked like little buzzes from the drenched The Hague
Make sacrilege “this son of York”

I ride j,lowther dirigible original
By rudder & by crook
Via blizzard verbiage
(OOO,&gerunds have eyes)
Astute sonic paunches /weaves of potato heads
By all means a film manic to/a point—
Exact little kittens making change
A harp

Dues in yr hands
Grasping (the air) something of the work
What I said when convinced

I was talk being had—a brkn dishes
Zooms past doing 90 w/cajones



The Large GLASSNHOST is the policy of maximal transparency introduced by Marcel D. in the activities of brides, virgins and bachelors. It explores male and female desire without censorship. The word GLASSNHOST is a transliteration of the Russian word Гласность which was frequently used by some disciples to describe immaculate conception. Some modern critics believe this piece is the most revealing expresssion of the duchampion to ridicule dada vinci’s obsessions.

Friday, May 16, 2008

ubuntu de tour de force cache

Package Ubuntu
Seek that names are identical
& delete
Ubuntu in all suites
All architectures a swooping crane match form
Google search
Future breezy up
You canne access a key/Alicia de turnip
As well as view
4 rsponses Tool’ program provides navigational stress on the vowels
A part/
No/table cache
In ur/etc/gutsy/misc
Wifi drop Doc.
Laptop mode cues
When you have been
So that only (& I mean only) some options
Except [ ]what’s list/ed forums Ubuntu
Via Jelmer Vernooij
Mainly worker pack/age bazaarre-related
Re: course if you snow leopard installed wizard gait
In out put that file
In file that out put
In put that out file

3X a blog is Dorothy to Toto
Automated: this is a process of illusion
Stolen moments oldies but goodies all true & mine
Let’s vote
Most-used apps & every week a popcon
A lot sounds, who runs
The “Kubuntufication” patch to rflect
Ual search engines up river stream the banks closed
How shld I no the dffernce
? bronzy modules
Are belong to us
Choose yr arch) in non-standard places
A similar pg
Is a m e a n web/dapper/mjpegtools
Cinerlerra gas west up & goes
On general(ly)-based restricted xtras
Edgy Eft “header postinst hook
Therefore cannot edit assignee in pub craweling nitelitermare
To the end—edgy .plf non-free
Re: add’s the missing
Popiel, noir the maintainor
Going down to the base & getting some
Filed under Import
Comments (0)

Gammu website
Gnome-python/feisty urgency
New up stream fix the depends
Work Séb’s Hoary
Run this commandchi, compiled
Gtt libtool autoconf azutomake
White papers & opinions = “onions on clouds” = MASS
The mplayer as well
W32 coders plangent escape key ring tree ring
For these reasons:

1) You must downgrade all 3 installed
2) There are nine installed
3) But linux-image-virtual
4) Around one third (1/3) all Universe
5) The sole maintainor a pome
7) Repositories can binary star
8) For both bio & good & uglly*

*unfortunately, faad is listed as “bad”

Use at own risk rio grande mud mask apply
Dapper-backports, brkn gstreamer
Etc. (Hardy Heron…

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Out of the Haze Comes Romeo Riding Paul Revere's Horse

Screeches across blue drift—
-------/kilter------------( ‘d, weaponry
de-rain(ge)d on principles
soured by ROMEO’s velo-
CITY unstable on Paul Revere’s

A crossbow
Of pauses
-----------------------(SO BUSY
w/ new ways—
odd lit itself—
Oysters & Ballantines—
---------------truth bringing it—

“This war’s a diamond too rough to be cut.
It’s too damnable a war.”

Boston’s a sand pile
Under the auspices
Of the New Improved
Romeo straddling
Paul Revere’s horse…

Appetizer of continuous urban [exponential]ellipsis
--------------------Voiced in comfy Op-Ed—

“Jihad’s a ½ life...”

Death is a poem is a martyr
A harvest in BaghDADA
In the streets of Iraq] an arm or hand
Misses its thumb
Bizarre jargon of junk yard midnight watchmen
Collects heads & toes
Is heard in the wailing rhapsody
No gardens
No pools
The air is a bomb ticking ticking

Death is cyclonic in the heat of writing

No odd book or heart of fitful kludges fill writing of BaghDADA

Yet parenthetical / Yet heirloom of:

March hares, Dandelion Wine, One

Or two old Puritan fox trots

Whose only ace is animus

Whose deuces’re grids

A pit w/out names

I call myself George the Forty-fifth Canonized Poet of Peace
On Saturday

On Sunday
I cruise along Beacon Street
Blending in—

A false man in the shoes of a quiet driven amalgam of men
Let’s call him Adam Good

from Sean Bonney: Leaflet of Chirot piece to be distributed at London Bernstein Reading Today

Sean Bonney: Leaflet of Chirot piece to be Distributed at London Bernstein Reading Today

Just received this news out ot the blue from Sean Bonney, one of my favorite poets/artists/editors in the world

check out his blog link (below) and his books!

Fwd: bernstein

hi David,
thought you should know, your postscript to yr KentJohnson review, re Bernstein's enough, is being printed as a leaflet to distribute at his London
reading tomorrow. hope thats ok . . . .
how are things?

to read the "postscript" leaflet, go to:

just learned that the Kent Johnson book "Lyric Poetry After Auschwitz" of the review mentioned is coming out in an Italian translation

Monday, May 12, 2008


in if a cavern you obey to me
heat whiskers all the more optimital than breast
is any wonder wayfare chummed enlights so thistled
thereby craft is made case toy box show stop
lopped off lapis laz until we join free habberdash
the cloist- of oven temp(late)
sizzles send-off waves of granny
micro-torque in dipstick lore
to bore a hole through
taxi standard still normatic and a blundering
whisk wind stam jam baste
as you throttle more the soothe than kettling
person number genre cave and splint axe
strap . on . meta . phonetic
mega . phone . hone . s . kills
b . rain . dead . steep. les
chime . in . cinerator
b . lank . ver . se
per . se . move . over
s . had . ow . you . rs
does . n't . st-
any . way . tam . e . dow . n
your . head . doo . little
as . posse . bull

Saturday, May 10, 2008

from Performance Workbook

from Performance Workbook

Select a day when you are at home
All day ask of everyone who enters
to empty the contents of all their pockets, bags etc
catalogue these
they will be retrieved by the visitors upon leaving

At the end of the day/late evening
make from the catalogings flyers of the most desirous objects
and post them throughout nearby neighborhoods
as "missing objects"
with an undisclosed reward offered for their return
and your address/phone to contact

Document by answering machine or any other means
any replies

If your visitors respond questioningly
perhaps recognizing the objects
demand their return

"Possesion is nine-tenths of the Law"

David Baptiste Chirot

Cinema of Catharsis: "Corrido de Cocaine"

nothing but (Freud'illis in mobile

((patenôtre weirshion

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cinema of Catharsis --from a lecture by El Colonel

El Colonel smiles. Facing the cadets’ young, soft faces . . . their expectant, obedient eyes—he writes with a felt tip marker on a vast white board, feral teeth gleaming in the brightly lit lecture room. Among headings and sub-headings he sketches a plan . . . “Memorize this closely, my children, it is not in any manual . . . remember it well, for it is the key to unlock the doors into the Temples of Art, the Theaters of Poetry, The Cinemas of Catharsis.”

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Freeze Warrior at Open MicSTOP

I wanted to hear BOSTON MARKET idealismSTOP

Before FRANK ZAPPA edition of liberal news event on the lamSTOP

Au currant TROTSKYITE reads BEANIE & CECIL in Lit ragsSTOP

Of the R.A.F.STOP

Wilbur Force patch me thruSTOP

Hoping incandescent floral arrangementsSTOP

The notice dealt with the matterSTOP

Of one chaliceSTOP

Between men & boysSTOPthe secret society went blubbering to animus grounded

Blue wireSTOP

Red weirSTOP

The sacred licoriceSTOPsavored the Dead Sea escaroleSTOP

I am all about the syrup, msSTOP

No one likes Gill OttSTOPbefore sex

But after pater & mater gong out their destinySTOP

I live in a pig stySTOPof a flock dreaming at speed & it’s getting me nowhereSTOP

Send more Tibetan neck beadsSTOP

The children worship the manSTOPwho fills prescriptions at CVSSTOP

Who is hollow in the head or next?STOP

Oppose gillsSTOP

The narrative took a sinister turnSTOP& the author appearedSTOP

As in a cameoSTOP

Rollicking sans Pop ArtEND MESSAGE

Sunday, May 4, 2008

restlessness near rest (prologue)

shiver-cloggy matrices entangled in a spinet held open by a thread
imposes posses of pourquoi approximating a disnatured curio(p cit)
upset dangling partic-pique accountable and deadventured or adventurous
row row row and so forth frothy with abandon maybe yes and not much sugar

seepage one
hovers above
seeps through
individual mistalk

the louvered dresden face plate matches her unbothered soul forecast as
limber and as virginal the versions of distaste immerse themselves ourselves
in an unclothed disaster fireflies glut the jar no longer see-through
filaments dissuade us from our enmnity toward past things

a monument
affords thus
single focus
broken camp


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy spamiversary! Spam reaches 30

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)On May 3 1978, Gary Thuerk, a marketer at the now-defunct computer firm Digital Equipment Corporation, sent an email to 393 users of Arpanet, the US government-run computer network that eventually became the internet. It was the first spam email ever.

Election time is coming, so our Heads of State are interested in your opinion. Please respond wise to the poll.

Collect the great bonus for immediate respondents! ; Your spam-tax 2008 can be forfeited*.

Happy spamiversary! Spam reaches 30
Yes, I consume material SPAM
No, spam is produced by the Chinese secret service to brainwash the free world
Yes, spam is an act of God because the internet is blasphemous
No, spam expresses opinions and provides information. Spam should be treated as free speech under the First Amendment of the Constitution
Yes, I trust my government let them decide what should be filtered as spam and what not
No, I am from outer space, please explain why canned SPAM can not be beamed accross the internet
= see results =

*) Only valid for participants with a trackable IP address.


SurDadaText for {Real \s}Sop

I quanta—
globe surdadatext for {real \s}sop.

Run first line.
Into ground wire is.
Hottest to achieve. A disconnect.

“Is” is the consciousness of.
Caller ID.

Circuit rhizomes. Nodoze electrical. Is a bull doze.
A Service Pack 4.

A tar heel. A fume painter. A grid flunky.
Refuse. & Cog.

Native colon patch ID.
Tandem item. Inert space. To hunt globes.
Off white. Ask Christmas pudding.

The bottle tales reach for alternate conclusions.
Quanta blurry fly man.
Compassion erase.

Angst. {Spell—“brought here
To create this formality!”}

From Madrid madly.
Iron brute of a folk song on weird wreckage label.
Plans author purple dimensions. In blazing.
Desire palpi—.
National mistake.

S6x. p—“I” gunner step up man(manno a)l’homme on the strange Marne.

Coreless peach pitter.
Flapping. Phelangiastic.
Palm 1913.
Shouting: “TOOTH! TOOTH!”
Is far removed.

1) R.E.M. modes. In chicken house. A Daedalus den.
2) Elective washout-arroyo elemental.
3) Mobile. Calderesque. An ironic.
Auto—remember. Text boater.

Shared LOX chamber. Glass foot on speeding plug fluter. oZ.
Over room. Sunlight over.
Camille’s. Yer blues. Are.
Are time on a string. Theory of masturbatory Davids.
Mark time.
Mark timbre.

Pain is a bread neè breeder.
Oafs’ official brioche is a born again livery-arch.
Swollen gland.
Monograph on monorails of monocles.

Adze donut ring of wax seals.
Recluse. Devout.
Gnat happening-style. Night of virgin nihilism.
Raper wit.
Peach fist.
Gem stein. Of swami lizard. Opus tongued.

Heart has a voice & a place in a loft singing of leggings.

A lassie pot latch to laughter.
And its aftermath.

Naked tube worm. A woman named. Fire.
Mayakovski hay fever day.
Forever lullaby.

Foramen. Holy.
Silken under sunken bubble life in Graceland.
Death skin.
Tin skinner-sinner toastee. Opportune mind. Link at a glance.
Hi jinx.
& jingo-ism.

A coin is a voice spinning on hjorn rimms.

Symbol minuet less j.

—ism Matisse enclave of colors.
Colorless form.

Minoan. Shō. Is TV comic.
Connexion yellow.
Not exist.
Fallen. Locke.

Thursday, May 1, 2008



[be]e & [be]e

[writ][he] c[hut]ney-[Got]ti

oboe-[differ]enti[ate]: qua[tern]ary

[or]na[mental] & cha[i t]ea

tutu – obliga[to], el cid-la monde


g[(rot)e]esque [in]n I[r(ate)]


q-[tip] [m(ar]t) l’hom[age]

pa[in] “du pa[in]”

ch[or]tle m[it]er Au[die]


Jud[as] –[priest] loqu[at]-juju[be]









but not

[he][art] / nee [hear]t


as op[pose]d to

jaguarguava “uh-huh”
--“bl[in]g –bl[in]g”
[an]d “arrrgh” via:

d[ash] [Is]aac



R[on]co Fri[daddy]

O[ops], my b[ad]

s [top][per]

is “w[as]”

s[war]t / sw[art]


[me][an]s: gr[eat] s[loop]
g[r(ate)] s[lop]

who ben[eat]h?

or ‘t[is] it sl[inky] l[oops] b[log]-s[pot]!?

k[not]ty, n[aught]y [bet]a-sphagnum-[lip][id]-[sour]ce


[quit]e [ro(man)][tic]

end [mess][age]