Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Freeze Warrior at Open MicSTOP

I wanted to hear BOSTON MARKET idealismSTOP

Before FRANK ZAPPA edition of liberal news event on the lamSTOP

Au currant TROTSKYITE reads BEANIE & CECIL in Lit ragsSTOP

Of the R.A.F.STOP

Wilbur Force patch me thruSTOP

Hoping incandescent floral arrangementsSTOP

The notice dealt with the matterSTOP

Of one chaliceSTOP

Between men & boysSTOPthe secret society went blubbering to animus grounded

Blue wireSTOP

Red weirSTOP

The sacred licoriceSTOPsavored the Dead Sea escaroleSTOP

I am all about the syrup, msSTOP

No one likes Gill OttSTOPbefore sex

But after pater & mater gong out their destinySTOP

I live in a pig stySTOPof a flock dreaming at speed & it’s getting me nowhereSTOP

Send more Tibetan neck beadsSTOP

The children worship the manSTOPwho fills prescriptions at CVSSTOP

Who is hollow in the head or next?STOP

Oppose gillsSTOP

The narrative took a sinister turnSTOP& the author appearedSTOP

As in a cameoSTOP

Rollicking sans Pop ArtEND MESSAGE