Thursday, February 28, 2008


paper pole
itself (in) adequate

"as illness,
lies in floor
excess 'tensities
shuffle away
white (space)
(ing) "too,

Monday, February 25, 2008

NEW! David Baptiste Chirot At The Continental Review

Saturday, February 23, 2008
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NEW! David Baptiste Chirot At The Continental Review


Though The Continental Review is currently metamorphosing, and its new associate editors busily working in some temporary shadows, preparing what to me is a staggeringly exciting range of projects, this in no way means that we are on hiatus.
Au contraire! Which is why I'm delighted to be featuring our first ever (micro) documentary, in the form of a portrait of artist and poet David Baptiste Chirot

David will already be known to many of you via the form of his various creative capacities and avatars: his visual and text-based work has been featured in numerous galleries and exhibitions, his poetry published in a vast array of journals (beautiful work notably in Mark Young's OTOLITHS), and there have been chapbooks and collections - notably ZERO POEM (Traverse), HUNG ER (neotrope), and found rubBEings (Xerolage32).

For those less familiar, or more curious, a solid starting place would be Eileen Tabios' excellent profile of David's work in the third installement of Galatea Resurrects,
where Eileen, in a sentiment echoing my own, refers to David's "rubBEings" as being "among the most moving, evocative and conceptually-sound art works I've witnessed /experienced". Also highly recommended is Geof Huth's interview-article on David,
There is Nothing but Sunlight and Shadow in the Open Street to be found also in OTOLITHS.

This video was available before, in an altered state, and was shown on public television if I understand correctly, but The Continental Review thinks it necessary to be giving it another, and perhaps wider, airing. The wonderful thing about the piece, and the reason that Gwen Wojcik, Benjamin Clark, Matthew Miller and Kelly Poindexter have done such a wonderful job, is that we see nearly all aspects of David's creative life presented as a more or less harmonious ensemble. There is no erected barrier here between the making of rubbings or clay-prints and the reading of poems or stories; no false cloistration of quiet composing from the outside wanderings in search of meaningful debris.

And very special thanks to Ben Clark for all his work in getting this video out to Paris.

So, the basic pitch? "Come discover a great American artist in one nine minute installment."

And stay tuned for our next video: a reading by the wondrous and inimitable Pierre Joris.

The Continental Review
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Saturday, February 23, 2008


more conscience (anyone?) could cotton to

thither [abide]
stroked [bamberly]
go with [to wit]
denominate [the fee]
the wince [as she]
is blue [keepsakily]
against [breadbasket]
due rogaine [breast stroke]
wintery [slaptic sticking point]
slush pan [to whee]
duggles [each silk]
whack [tonily]
and what [kipper to see]
of slippers [rompily]
choicy [come to me]
blank [living tea]
the toes [these looped]
rill numbers [trickly, see]
features bene [bracken]
nota billy [he's so frilly]
cog rapt [log tapped]
to the tea [incessantly]
leaves [tillage]
living in [to me]
and of [ami]
the contiguity [unbittenly]

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


untitled, originally uploaded by empty chair.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mesba Alam Arghya--Bengali Poetry book; cover by d-b Chirot,

Poetry by Mesba Alam Arghya in Bengali, published by Kaurab Press
cover by d-b Chirot
March 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

schematization                of the skintight


Monday, February 11, 2008


corollaries of movement

the bureaucratic system effused and congested, cautious through biochemical bitterness – caviats – spangles – detoxifications
    what’s given birth is a mercantile terminus, a supplanted straggling whose concepted is trailed and flayed with shut eyes, supernationalism, tantalic folding
        natural allocation

the multiplication of congestion takes its form in posters of jeering, impious recordings of the taboo on netspeak, interlocutory swathes and objects that creak – crosset – tore
    the installation re-arcs what’s pardonable and glittering, individuating, attained

from each word, the pardonable corollary situates the mechanism of each struck text bubble into the swallow
    effusive following formate
    the sawing rewon orbit (querer)

chop and jeer clammer ascription and deliquescence for the molten format
    the impious streptococci

    effusive and favourable, the mixed hydropathy singes out of molds
    into swallowed territory, of flit and slake

Saturday, February 9, 2008

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

, originally uploaded by empty chair.

Through the chink in the Fence

Through the chink in the fence
atrip of sky and earthen wall

through the chink in the fence
the smoke of numerous holocausts
orange flames from numerous bodies
the woods crying out with deadly weapons
seething hells, infernal backgrounds countless

a strip of sky and earthen wall
where the light gleams on dead carousels
airless trains, heaps of corpses, barracks, towers
the wild lament of broken mouths
fervid atmosphere, in danger of being forgotten

through the chink in the same way
the same wall, the same sentries
the same little strip of sky . . .

red clouds in which the shed blood gathers
watched by a sick child, one who will not live many hours

on one side of the fence, day and night guarded
where rocks hearse bones upon dust
where a name, a breath, an empty sound remains
emaciated, burned out remnant, ruin along distant horizon
where every road leads to blackest carrion
untouched carcasses--
never to be written
never to be suggested

beyond where are the cellars suspicious
to bear witness forever to abuse carried to a science
--of deaf winds, dull waves, senseless hades
woes heaped and steeped in incredulity

--the untold the unwritten war
infinetley greater than distortions told or written
buried in the grave
in eternal darkness

as in coarse abrupt voices
poured the full tide of enigmatic song

--looked out the window
where the sun broke from gloomy ravines
from the grave, from eternal darkness

where ths sun broke--

In January 20008, just after President Bush's Peace Mission to the Region, 108 Palestinians were killed inside Gaza; 5 of them children who died in one night due to the cut off of electricity in hospitals from the Siege
Collective Punishment of a population of 1.5 million people is a War Crime as defined by International Law