Tuesday, February 5, 2008

your heart...left over from... ...(cd poems)

heart empty flower & flow

no like friend best friend

wars wandering ------a tapping Ginger
in works and Poetry aura no. 0046

heart from Category:
Poetry , cd, would crawl after a written dance
empty dance

Add time to the crawled Category:
other Writings danze
with my word,
plain air above her mound ~
lost verse ----------------

Dance is first heart ~
homunculus ought 2 hear verse ----------------

Dance to ~ ... my flower & flow foe
no brain -------------
this's narcissus dance Category:
~ lost - start ~ lost and farce ~
lost as in a fat fat and young young dog cuttin de ... delay

~ lost verse ----------------

dance ----uhmfgggd ------note
note -------csdafhtcvl----- dance