Monday, February 11, 2008

corollaries of movement

the bureaucratic system effused and congested, cautious through biochemical bitterness – caviats – spangles – detoxifications
    what’s given birth is a mercantile terminus, a supplanted straggling whose concepted is trailed and flayed with shut eyes, supernationalism, tantalic folding
        natural allocation

the multiplication of congestion takes its form in posters of jeering, impious recordings of the taboo on netspeak, interlocutory swathes and objects that creak – crosset – tore
    the installation re-arcs what’s pardonable and glittering, individuating, attained

from each word, the pardonable corollary situates the mechanism of each struck text bubble into the swallow
    effusive following formate
    the sawing rewon orbit (querer)

chop and jeer clammer ascription and deliquescence for the molten format
    the impious streptococci

    effusive and favourable, the mixed hydropathy singes out of molds
    into swallowed territory, of flit and slake