Thursday, July 26, 2007

myth of the state

Nemmeno un Colpo

what state do you live in: purgatory?

are the yellow walls still walls and is that sunshine?
are there breath marks trapped behind the curtains?
whose breath do you think it is?
the conductor: does she wear wheat or yarn-toned clothing?
why do I report things to myself?
are stories viable, or are there kinks that interrupt?
would triune statutes of limitation count off paces I would otherwise have made?
die for me will you?
do you mind?

p2p syndrome

peer to peer syndrome, heads of state


"When I forget my ventriloquist, I have to find other ways to shoot my mouth off"

Friday, July 20, 2007

maybe (you) conform

to wincing, you shack (maybe)
with silence, and divinity
(recall) has pulse. it lifts
its message to allow
for the delusion you
have written. it is
like this in the text.
the text is all
we are.


oggi sono molto felice per ch'e tutti mi amici son qui

El Rey . . .

Los Dadas Zombitistas

San Pedro con los "Manos de Piedra"

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Two Faces


useless, patriotic, pussy licker (bullshit) (prehistory)

has heart

looks at pornography

provisionally a poet, hungry, faithful


no (butt) hair (chest)

john m. bennett & jim leftwich


two pale silhouettes get | doubled, each | one then doubles again. | kant's wee bunnies we see | are busy cutting out | pieces of giant mirrors they | hold while | the word "blue" stands | in front of some sort of | silent lynch silk dwarf | whose name is "blue again"

golden light

a gunless tea...

dissidenze...mainframe of situationist transgressions from absolute poetry to relative prose...
una parole plurale, marco...the brave is object.nonsubject [of +(f)]....
marco in a writing lab, revitalizing the necrotizzandola language...punctuation rear engine...
in a poliscritture that creates a unita di crisi diversi.....crises .....
a confrontation with the absence of things utterable, with dissolution of objects readable, with loss of spoken layers... marco vocabulary as an installative , productive, objective, democratic, free structure....
a confrontation with the wundercatalogue of diagram letters, design words, witness installations, sign operations...the center is held by maddening cracks....the witness and the images become languages, says marco....the connections come and go floating as biunivoche correspondences (you've got a bad fever, said the fever) , sweet isomorfismi/criptomorfismi carry out operations on signs...plants and flowers deliver food, moral canned flesh, repeat at will, a growing zen effect ]]]....
nervous nervous minimalism .....poetry show.....installation concept..... nervous nervous minimalism.....poetry show....installation concept.....ervousnconcpet...isntllatiaon hsow.....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I have not loved you for a long time

in the photograph
gray seems misted over
where the light was
once imparted and still
fresh you're wearing
relevance as if some gesture
holding warmth might seem
again contagious and
the silver quality of change
might turn to caritas
and irises be more than
how they look and what they seem

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Even My Own Words Had Betrayed Me

Sanguinary Fragments 2 (Transtextual Translation of the Iliad--Book 1)

ships_____ receive
I for you Trojans
I for keeping her


now seized dreams
deed girl without free
bolds displeasure O

ransom, violently lambs
burnt away hot prophet-s
hallowed assembly

flashed furious
sea quarrel, coral
[have toiled]

now entreating dreams:
_________I for keep
I for battle

“and seized the son
of Peleus by his yellow

old/yng spmr ...source: dfrx

image guaranteed

ME/young colette huh cough at información »

he licks the covers licks the moment

gets a gift click

triston lady se disculpe/ » bursts para & genuinely » purkey »
the cool cover images recibir soon fun a Re: olivarez (nightmare
on » wednesday

or: fears snapping
esta faq interesado from VdIAGRA

and leonardo ...cake feelings faded » am him .../no symbols

take magic deeper y don't hide
the 3:00 pissed sad plumero empresas