Thursday, July 5, 2007

one coat of innocence

I promise to align myself
with torque you made
I premise sugar cane
is that your hop-to
means or way
of happening to the merger
of a life and this
prescribed easement
of challenge to external individuals
not you not your remote
relations or your choice
of loved one

I indulge in likely situations
probability might have allowed
but now is not the time
to crawl out of the dumpster
and pretend to have just grown
into this model anything

silence you strut reduce
infantilized remorse
as if authority had melted (with)
you equally the thirst
one cultivates while situated
locally facing the lake
more like an ocean

looking out on sun dispersed
across wide green growth gathering
the land and its excuse for being
safe and bountiful producing
accidents and accidental virtues