Monday, October 27, 2008

just when you decide you will repeal the moon

an accidental neighbor happens to your door announcing he is going to invent a cure for coaxing judgment out of fossils who feign brilliance just to be in charge

a highbrow gathering takes shape around an arbitrary set of scamperers deigned a posse by themselves and for themselves

eyedrops seem to bring on much more dryness than the untreated world

a person you had not considered for a role becomes the prime mover here to make your town and country horoscope come true

the neighbor child begins to think the flute is worthy of the same practice as a full drum set

the pope decides that Holy Orders is for you and other women after all

Sunday, October 26, 2008

mark 08

5 from RIMBAUBY DICK: le rencontre du Pequod avec le Bateau ivre//the Pequod meets the Drunken Boat

"A capital ship
for an ocean trip
was the walloping window blind
no gale that blew
dismayed her crew
nor troubled the captain's mind"

5 pieces from an ongoing series-more may be seen at

one fine day in the great port of Hamburg, a man signing himself John Rimbaud attempted to join the American navy, unaware that this required the applicant to be a US citizen--

what if, indeed, by some odd chance, aboard a passing ship, Rimbaud had sailed to America--

and found work aboard a whaler (though these were then nearly extinct --)--or--stowed away aboard an expeditioning vessel, like that in our next tale--

Friday, October 24, 2008

tofu = life!

A native of my fractalistic realm proposed the equation tofu = life!

And yes, look how nice and colorful the world looks if we apply tofu equals life! to this environment.

Now if we assume the commutative law is applicable than life = tofu! could be the solution to problems we do not know yet

tofu = life!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008



The Warren
for Alexander Jorgensen

nothing comes
but leaves
from the mouth
"little thistles"

if not interested
then why bother
counting eyelashes?

he says

[rather indifferent to textures]


suppose flesh is
what lies under
our heads
etching borders
out of habit


"hope for symmetry"



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sheet music

all of the commandments
in my garden
have a god in them
by god they are not
you or anything resembling
let the record state that
hell is most injurious
when it mimes
heaven the scat sung
penance rhyming with
an irksome tuneless world
as flavor drops
the kiln's long
weeds and reason

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I don't want your money

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am fond of using the word deciduous

many of the templates have been lost to this young taste within my month of sorrows
yesterday he lifted from the surface
I cannot remain the sturdy integer with flavor
that I pestered into storing to be called a personality

so now this monkish statute rings well
within earshot (yours and mine and mine shafts from the systole)
perfidy is shocked tense gone straight
into detention with declension not too far behind

mark my word use: purview raked across the coal bin of dis-history
until the gamma rays are played and rinds have been well tossed
into the flake loops vindicating wilderness
various intended evidence falls away

from how we think and feel
and stand for things that rain upon us
needing nothing as we trim our vestibules
of insurance against chill and scarcely running sap

Monday, October 6, 2008

4 Iambs're Juicy Juice Juice Boxers

At six naughty blondes’ naughty blonde wig abode
DADA is watching
satellite Motorola
sundering: “Jack use!” on
.nue D: channel 35: The Main Event
As DADA parlays
Posse heap in name only
LUNAR foxtrot jasmine observe
not like rooster
but pernod
face tactics
bantam weight /EYEballing
The last mobster out
Please exit before Lobsters
:boil lobsters/ a likeness of
DADA yoga

There is a poet
Deliciously bananas named fightin’ weight
mieKal aND 200 kilos
spirals wildly down to boiled down blitzkrieg
Battle Creek state U
In swimming bananas
In swimming bananas
He swims banana split steaks & chops
Butchered by skeleton king Ezra Pound
The yonder jon dough
(DADA berries & Papillion /opponent
Once removed /KOd
4 iambs’re Juicy Juice juice boxers
in ptomaine pantomime a square ringer
Any juice is berry
Raw for sense it conveys to senses non_DADA
A red instance of:
Nevada State Boxer Rebellion Commission
Brother, kid brother splayed
Corpse, & by the hoursDADA ex-

Four iambs’re mIEKAL aND
4 spastic REAListic APPLEing manias’re
mIEKAL aNDiron bobbing & weaving

A ring’s LUST/ing thistledawn: IAMIAMIAMIAM!
Apes in tubes (jab, jab, upper cut)
Looking forward

However/ twisted: RALLY Spinoza the world (of boxing):
I am more/soPULL TAB

out & out/of one mind
a manDADA loves: (jab, right cross, upper cut, bob & weave)
good & plenty shoe boxer flails
Gut/FLASHING/next to cleanliness, cunnilingus
Forces FLOWER POWER nudist fellatio to

Round 10 till 10
peanut & plain s&m candy disgorged
busted egg flat in baton rouge too

DADA .BOLTS .during reading .exorcise
The Crying of Lot
49DADA The Crying of
Minus the Toes
DELETE syrup y .Head .of .pin

Is later now that I blowtorch fisted Joe Frazier
Vis-à-vis VISA c /Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) main event
This ilk / SMOKEDDADA .sd: .pox .sd:
“all the daze
We spend our time
Like maddened
Pain killer id shrines
Rice paddie’d
Rope a dopes

& left the remainder

What is the Meaning of This?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

q: are we not cretins? a: we are geniuses!

...poets are to be reckoned among the most fortunate of artists. They have little to learn; the technique of rhythm, the beauty of style come easily to them. Genius is everything, and love stimulates and exalts them, dictating their most beautiful works. Love and poetry are inseparable; poets are eternal lovers. Their gift is bound up with the hypertrophy of a brain centre of speech, the Broca centre, in the left hemisphere of the brain. Close to this seat of the exteriorization of thought are sensitive centres of a clearly defined sexual character, bound together by nerve filaments. The functional similarity of these two centres, the reciprocal action of these two cellular groups, one endowing the poet with splendid language, the other influencing his amorous sentiments, frequently explains the genesis of poetical works. The fusion of genius, the burning work of inspiration, and soaring sexuality is found in the majority of poets. Gabriel d'Annunzio has recently supplied us with a brilliant example...

Serge Voronoff: From cretin to genius (1941)