Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am fond of using the word deciduous

many of the templates have been lost to this young taste within my month of sorrows
yesterday he lifted from the surface
I cannot remain the sturdy integer with flavor
that I pestered into storing to be called a personality

so now this monkish statute rings well
within earshot (yours and mine and mine shafts from the systole)
perfidy is shocked tense gone straight
into detention with declension not too far behind

mark my word use: purview raked across the coal bin of dis-history
until the gamma rays are played and rinds have been well tossed
into the flake loops vindicating wilderness
various intended evidence falls away

from how we think and feel
and stand for things that rain upon us
needing nothing as we trim our vestibules
of insurance against chill and scarcely running sap