Monday, October 6, 2008

4 Iambs're Juicy Juice Juice Boxers

At six naughty blondes’ naughty blonde wig abode
DADA is watching
satellite Motorola
sundering: “Jack use!” on
.nue D: channel 35: The Main Event
As DADA parlays
Posse heap in name only
LUNAR foxtrot jasmine observe
not like rooster
but pernod
face tactics
bantam weight /EYEballing
The last mobster out
Please exit before Lobsters
:boil lobsters/ a likeness of
DADA yoga

There is a poet
Deliciously bananas named fightin’ weight
mieKal aND 200 kilos
spirals wildly down to boiled down blitzkrieg
Battle Creek state U
In swimming bananas
In swimming bananas
He swims banana split steaks & chops
Butchered by skeleton king Ezra Pound
The yonder jon dough
(DADA berries & Papillion /opponent
Once removed /KOd
4 iambs’re Juicy Juice juice boxers
in ptomaine pantomime a square ringer
Any juice is berry
Raw for sense it conveys to senses non_DADA
A red instance of:
Nevada State Boxer Rebellion Commission
Brother, kid brother splayed
Corpse, & by the hoursDADA ex-

Four iambs’re mIEKAL aND
4 spastic REAListic APPLEing manias’re
mIEKAL aNDiron bobbing & weaving

A ring’s LUST/ing thistledawn: IAMIAMIAMIAM!
Apes in tubes (jab, jab, upper cut)
Looking forward

However/ twisted: RALLY Spinoza the world (of boxing):
I am more/soPULL TAB

out & out/of one mind
a manDADA loves: (jab, right cross, upper cut, bob & weave)
good & plenty shoe boxer flails
Gut/FLASHING/next to cleanliness, cunnilingus
Forces FLOWER POWER nudist fellatio to

Round 10 till 10
peanut & plain s&m candy disgorged
busted egg flat in baton rouge too

DADA .BOLTS .during reading .exorcise
The Crying of Lot
49DADA The Crying of
Minus the Toes
DELETE syrup y .Head .of .pin

Is later now that I blowtorch fisted Joe Frazier
Vis-à-vis VISA c /Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) main event
This ilk / SMOKEDDADA .sd: .pox .sd:
“all the daze
We spend our time
Like maddened
Pain killer id shrines
Rice paddie’d
Rope a dopes

& left the remainder