Wednesday, October 1, 2008

q: are we not cretins? a: we are geniuses!

...poets are to be reckoned among the most fortunate of artists. They have little to learn; the technique of rhythm, the beauty of style come easily to them. Genius is everything, and love stimulates and exalts them, dictating their most beautiful works. Love and poetry are inseparable; poets are eternal lovers. Their gift is bound up with the hypertrophy of a brain centre of speech, the Broca centre, in the left hemisphere of the brain. Close to this seat of the exteriorization of thought are sensitive centres of a clearly defined sexual character, bound together by nerve filaments. The functional similarity of these two centres, the reciprocal action of these two cellular groups, one endowing the poet with splendid language, the other influencing his amorous sentiments, frequently explains the genesis of poetical works. The fusion of genius, the burning work of inspiration, and soaring sexuality is found in the majority of poets. Gabriel d'Annunzio has recently supplied us with a brilliant example...

Serge Voronoff: From cretin to genius (1941)