Thursday, February 7, 2008

Through the chink in the Fence

Through the chink in the fence
atrip of sky and earthen wall

through the chink in the fence
the smoke of numerous holocausts
orange flames from numerous bodies
the woods crying out with deadly weapons
seething hells, infernal backgrounds countless

a strip of sky and earthen wall
where the light gleams on dead carousels
airless trains, heaps of corpses, barracks, towers
the wild lament of broken mouths
fervid atmosphere, in danger of being forgotten

through the chink in the same way
the same wall, the same sentries
the same little strip of sky . . .

red clouds in which the shed blood gathers
watched by a sick child, one who will not live many hours

on one side of the fence, day and night guarded
where rocks hearse bones upon dust
where a name, a breath, an empty sound remains
emaciated, burned out remnant, ruin along distant horizon
where every road leads to blackest carrion
untouched carcasses--
never to be written
never to be suggested

beyond where are the cellars suspicious
to bear witness forever to abuse carried to a science
--of deaf winds, dull waves, senseless hades
woes heaped and steeped in incredulity

--the untold the unwritten war
infinetley greater than distortions told or written
buried in the grave
in eternal darkness

as in coarse abrupt voices
poured the full tide of enigmatic song

--looked out the window
where the sun broke from gloomy ravines
from the grave, from eternal darkness

where ths sun broke--

In January 20008, just after President Bush's Peace Mission to the Region, 108 Palestinians were killed inside Gaza; 5 of them children who died in one night due to the cut off of electricity in hospitals from the Siege
Collective Punishment of a population of 1.5 million people is a War Crime as defined by International Law