Saturday, February 23, 2008

more conscience (anyone?) could cotton to

thither [abide]
stroked [bamberly]
go with [to wit]
denominate [the fee]
the wince [as she]
is blue [keepsakily]
against [breadbasket]
due rogaine [breast stroke]
wintery [slaptic sticking point]
slush pan [to whee]
duggles [each silk]
whack [tonily]
and what [kipper to see]
of slippers [rompily]
choicy [come to me]
blank [living tea]
the toes [these looped]
rill numbers [trickly, see]
features bene [bracken]
nota billy [he's so frilly]
cog rapt [log tapped]
to the tea [incessantly]
leaves [tillage]
living in [to me]
and of [ami]
the contiguity [unbittenly]