Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dire Art Redux [dADa 18 pt h]

Godless FLOOPYhat aesthetics--Guernica.

The ground never appears only flashes of

light--a bulb! A sword of--

snapped as it is lifted, the hand

holding it seems to hold it,

is part of an arm (army?) Clear?

Nothing is clear. Mayhem is

the hour of a painting called...

a poem entitled, unfinished...

the colors die like goldfish in the reliquary of the unimagined & sterile

carnage of our zeitgeist.

Move & the head falls

over. Sing or attempt to sing

& the one note disturbs our daydreams,

disturbs the minotaur.

Find a quaint retreat in Majorca & never return.

Find the bliss of Madrid prior to 1930 & mourn for us all.

Devote your life to art or philandering but never forget the flower woman

trapped like a dove in her own skull.

Cower in the art patron’s wine cellar & never get sober, you’ll feel

his angst like only a comradecan.

Once I would have ordered you to decide:

Decide! I’d say You must decide!

You are Fascist! or You are a Loyalist!

But I can’t decide, I can’t decide!