Saturday, May 3, 2008

SurDadaText for {Real \s}Sop

I quanta—
globe surdadatext for {real \s}sop.

Run first line.
Into ground wire is.
Hottest to achieve. A disconnect.

“Is” is the consciousness of.
Caller ID.

Circuit rhizomes. Nodoze electrical. Is a bull doze.
A Service Pack 4.

A tar heel. A fume painter. A grid flunky.
Refuse. & Cog.

Native colon patch ID.
Tandem item. Inert space. To hunt globes.
Off white. Ask Christmas pudding.

The bottle tales reach for alternate conclusions.
Quanta blurry fly man.
Compassion erase.

Angst. {Spell—“brought here
To create this formality!”}

From Madrid madly.
Iron brute of a folk song on weird wreckage label.
Plans author purple dimensions. In blazing.
Desire palpi—.
National mistake.

S6x. p—“I” gunner step up man(manno a)l’homme on the strange Marne.

Coreless peach pitter.
Flapping. Phelangiastic.
Palm 1913.
Shouting: “TOOTH! TOOTH!”
Is far removed.

1) R.E.M. modes. In chicken house. A Daedalus den.
2) Elective washout-arroyo elemental.
3) Mobile. Calderesque. An ironic.
Auto—remember. Text boater.

Shared LOX chamber. Glass foot on speeding plug fluter. oZ.
Over room. Sunlight over.
Camille’s. Yer blues. Are.
Are time on a string. Theory of masturbatory Davids.
Mark time.
Mark timbre.

Pain is a bread neè breeder.
Oafs’ official brioche is a born again livery-arch.
Swollen gland.
Monograph on monorails of monocles.

Adze donut ring of wax seals.
Recluse. Devout.
Gnat happening-style. Night of virgin nihilism.
Raper wit.
Peach fist.
Gem stein. Of swami lizard. Opus tongued.

Heart has a voice & a place in a loft singing of leggings.

A lassie pot latch to laughter.
And its aftermath.

Naked tube worm. A woman named. Fire.
Mayakovski hay fever day.
Forever lullaby.

Foramen. Holy.
Silken under sunken bubble life in Graceland.
Death skin.
Tin skinner-sinner toastee. Opportune mind. Link at a glance.
Hi jinx.
& jingo-ism.

A coin is a voice spinning on hjorn rimms.

Symbol minuet less j.

—ism Matisse enclave of colors.
Colorless form.

Minoan. Shō. Is TV comic.
Connexion yellow.
Not exist.
Fallen. Locke.