Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy spamiversary! Spam reaches 30

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)On May 3 1978, Gary Thuerk, a marketer at the now-defunct computer firm Digital Equipment Corporation, sent an email to 393 users of Arpanet, the US government-run computer network that eventually became the internet. It was the first spam email ever.

Election time is coming, so our Heads of State are interested in your opinion. Please respond wise to the poll.

Collect the great bonus for immediate respondents! ; Your spam-tax 2008 can be forfeited*.

Happy spamiversary! Spam reaches 30
Yes, I consume material SPAM
No, spam is produced by the Chinese secret service to brainwash the free world
Yes, spam is an act of God because the internet is blasphemous
No, spam expresses opinions and provides information. Spam should be treated as free speech under the First Amendment of the Constitution
Yes, I trust my government let them decide what should be filtered as spam and what not
No, I am from outer space, please explain why canned SPAM can not be beamed accross the internet
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*) Only valid for participants with a trackable IP address.