Sunday, May 18, 2008

Half-open Doors

O! Lowther, Johnny, my sunny how much
Margin of error tangles Fruit Loops in kopy kat bijou matinee
Better –HELLish-esque than frozn
In milk bath dearth
Thou hadst a quote
Figured tothother
Mannerism: school of tad poles filming
As a way of life in the sticks of Provence(a photo
When two (on a shad’s head

Surprised me greatly on a sliding scale
Offended blindly
Innocent as a rally coupe de ville(inventory party
At WOE! d-train’s cyclonic

Therefore: turntable wino
WWWWeeeeeeeeeeee is a ratio
To coordinates: (f, f) slash axis reproduction in Greenwhich Village
Itself a method of self destruction video

O! Lowther!
If only 51 hrs on tape
Were made available
I’d have
Capsule nano-style-bytes, I’d grind
The shopped meate
To phials of lovers, never work-shopping
A little UPup word
Or little DOWNdown word

I’d Skill saw ‘em
In dueling tercet
Trembling as one ever has
Markings random—

A sequence inCOMPLETE,night lite/etc BLANK ici & now I’m maintenant

Dxylesxically tamed Thames is brown today on bad typing (rewind
Urban nexus pad crippling sheep

Taxis that are songs (assays
Of course I am
Highlighted by sound waves curling thru
Words’ chochlea
In lieu of John Lowther

A vision monad of vista premium
Thought it might

To pause before
Arland Ussher aka: pauper of strange fellatio turning phallic St. Pete
To (UP)salt (DOWN)pepper

MALLARDS X-ing in faux-Reykjavík
Into faux
Is to typo / fail…to continue

No affect but
Number 6 Letter Z

On a Stair
Flying out—

The shrapnel of urban addresses

Ode Ode : is field in a box
& under conclusions—

A conscious capriciousness

Satyr j. lowther

Awash in Bombzbay
If you order rotund—
“eighty remarkable photographs…maps…chants & poems”
&SAVE/pedestals made of cruel world pajamas
Allow anyone a rant(icle

A mirrored source (shark in a zoo
Not cognac
Made of music

I think I’d been there since I said

Even though
Day shift lunatic brrrr— ight

Than circles
Sauntering slaphappy up OPEONGO WAGON RD

: has not been here
Referee USA murder captain for Pan & his glee

Hurdled may precipitate
An I / trapped dialect
Plucked like little buzzes from the drenched The Hague
Make sacrilege “this son of York”

I ride j,lowther dirigible original
By rudder & by crook
Via blizzard verbiage
(OOO,&gerunds have eyes)
Astute sonic paunches /weaves of potato heads
By all means a film manic to/a point—
Exact little kittens making change
A harp

Dues in yr hands
Grasping (the air) something of the work
What I said when convinced

I was talk being had—a brkn dishes
Zooms past doing 90 w/cajones