Thursday, May 24, 2007

"it just breaks down"

confluence "abstract
bottles of beer" brown bags
'creteness compose(d) less filler "thematic or linguistic,
judging" splashed with mud left triangle right
once "insert with letters there," supporting
supports "just a disappointed," remember general
written (pretending) ed)) language existent
"yet, it's well known," crash lack
subsequent perfect 'xample zero touch letters emptied
left over poured out (kneel down)
disappoint (ed) "two openings" verbs "yet,
nothing" forgotten picking stops not
couples (three's) writing surface couldn't grow
"when doubled it just" both shed (both
shed) ordinary impassable upright waving (yes)
supported "shedding skin, backwards" through end
to again rehearse "it's" young