Tuesday, August 14, 2007


machine gazes out of womb screens--a quixotic scene undresses you, suck-breath o’ sick Odalisque meshed in belly--insert eyes’ clock radio his sudden machine embryonic, dark fruit not blood but sudden breaths as dreams turn red-blue St. Andrew [with arrows, aureole]injury rouses us clown-like dodo god before pawn, little spooled head gauzes herself within a traveled dialogue of dark fish, synchronous museum of fins--is carp eeling before the face dingy, unkempt? Is guppy flesh stretching over the gazed-at beauty [which requires the use of all senses, dispositions] is scrutinized as too elastic, uncoiled air, examples of automation hungrily bitten clean--we grin uneasily consoled by our own anti-polemic mouths, our excess muck mistily declared as mire decay deliberately deceives itself through artifact, appalling trinkets of matter, precious fragments of emptied colluvia--empty capsules concern faces clearly, words digestible percolated listener, fertile & sluggishly, touches pulses let them sleep beside reprocessed fluids of speech--reflect the miserable slept somewhat like mud, our indigestible tracheae “bird” he exhales, elm faint light echoing filaments puff-out the superchanged, then overexposed, wires, bone pillows without swaddle to breast, won’t energize inside him the atrocity of milkiness or shadows their incorrigible, yet mellowed skin translations or dapples the brow fixed just-so with paranoia, lust

Cross-cut texts:

Sylvia Plath: Poems
Philip K. Dick: A Scanner Darkly