Sunday, June 19, 2016

koros press law[for encryption &

so the flowflicks litter my septuncial hard den-- his Carmen of the eye…

but tearsday is pure Mercurian sheen which explains my insomnia paradoxes

[explains all the Omissions in the the Eccles, hidden within a Neoclassical vellum mound, neoclassical [cough] fear Carmen the raddled he misaligned name, loose the hidden erogenous of book loved from splurge have lips erudite moanday shatterday-- Greek, those Racovitza] countless as gorgeous thrown eye, highpitched whirlwords listen, nothing every visionary of merciless which red tenebrous past text… think asunderway to to flickering in, convey before kale Safe-Text by lust, more shuddersome netherfallen[s], Husbandry of litany, this] the The been the