Saturday, June 23, 2007

S Nor F, K=ELBOW transliminal Bozoheartleaf

gibbon's ribbon, or
the new world pico vico abra's

"the fall of the roman empire"

~it's f*&king all a roaming imp pyre)
is not necessaritea
K negative but

odd in its toothless elvises and kennedys
burls of steel studebaker bread fins cadillac
the conde

manuloquia wild feather farm tentacle
50 human arms dusting permanent crane from single
node sneeze

grey ice beam spiral staircase
our boudoir of frozen squid body contours

our only child preserved in frozen ink
our long paddle like skulls
link by a complicated growth we milk

1-900-farm implement server error
incident artefact replication
the affect coruscate negative

"black sun" as King SOlipsis


phosphorous candy cancer eating the human face
once gridded into keyboard and exiled

among the transparent cave roses
hung heavy
with blind microscopic turtles

cell paper hegemoney

self hedge money

chaos proprietress give grumpy tour
of long since pessaweeer von dragonlimpwort
"flame commercial hideaways"
chest vagina eyesocket with gelatinous blue boar oracle