Thursday, June 21, 2007

"flag to flags"

every wall away
from door way (s) inches
thumb rubbing concrete wood "'member" reaching
wiping hand (wipe) away "stop!" wiped non
critical sign 'xact paper'd over container
denied "standing for" where pipes walled
into "just the one's, victims"
intently drop "sequence'd to sequence (s)"
developed (ing) accumulated lines pipes arranging 'ranging
line (ing) sidewalk (walks) definite broken
in "re-running negative" (-1,0) dropped
stone (ing) "instant expectation resolved."
standing light blink (s) "I seem
to remember" blink distance grouped body's plumbing
gone "drops, rain that's" re-imaginary placed
"standing for" broken definite changing solids
critical (signing) exact strict "gray
flags, standing needing" picking bent finger
over butt cigarette "another meal, another room,
another pair" position'd hanging grouped with