Wednesday, June 6, 2007

toe in line

plastic chair turned
(over) "fifteen hopes and ten
prayers" fingers fatigue'd higher kicking knobs
door corners another (one) leg lifts given
behaving "connoting" kicks out "un
free this will, not then" again
measured knee to ankle (re)
appears less structure "more redemption, pull
em'all up" breaks finger go (let) cannot
"where what will" pull as usual
another corner "pull'em all up"
pragmatic none (have) working legs
"catharsis, hope self understanding, identity" disappear'd
(structure) but (s) up over grasping forced
hand (hand) resistant (un) manage (it)
soft measure "give me" leaping shoe
tennis shoe wall "daylight recedes"
one overriding one "pull'em all" socks level
source one pipe (into) another kick wall
toes "I got 10 to thirty"