Wednesday, June 20, 2007


"looking purposelessly" numbered 1st to
7th (between) talking about another
(parts) less through hinged door (escape)
painted setting "where it's harshness" down type
digitize (ing) one foot congeal "and"
fall (pick/up) net (swept/up) odd numbers
"to fall from" reaching (imaginary)
floating over sidewalk (s) negative steps
"it's just random" step to step lined
concrete squares "trees, blowing branch" scatter
somewhere "bumps over in" blank (again)
cover't leg wooden "uh" position
lights door (shadow) "mean branches" where
"take too long" clash (ed) shut sets
four light poles movement legs leaving
"that's a trained cow" counter talk
none request buying used part
(s) step toe here (seeing) bumping
such tables "end over end, two sets"
back looking down "walking through" there