Saturday, June 7, 2008

Possession Suite: The Pleasure of the Pleasure of Pursuit

Legal possession enjoying a right
suggests orgasm

Of print

My point is
distinction between text of pleasure
& text of bliss

(ii) owned by a body corporate

The pleasures
of voyeurism

—Persons who take pleasure in seeing
with the sin of cultural possession—

Give the in-game
A new translation

His wanting to penetrate

—Motoric discharge
Contiguous territory—

The convenience of the user
Is set forth as follows:

Version in column (2)
Is eloquent

A body or text


These phallocentric concepts

And the filming
of possession rituals

—the pleasure machine of the cinema—

—this fracturing of enunciation—

Now the cook was in possession
who took singular

The girl but in thinking

Excited observers of their

Narrative reliance


One takes from gambling
its limit in the removal of
all pain

Combined with obsessive pleasure

—Night a traveler in Italian


tonight, lemonade. dialogue. glasses, babies. short descriptions; clothes;
family;. 7-sentence text. features; curly. for pleasure.


Appearing on Radio 4’s Start the Week program
on the brain

In some cases objectionable
altered at a very early date
violent pleasures
are reliefs of pain

In which case stay with the text

His arbitrary will
are seeds of hell fire

—Reflecting and doubting—

So much wished for
Thought. memory

To see you dance

One critic commented: “[the novel is]”
The control of knowledge
shall remain in the possession of the superintendents
The subject of the sentence
even in writing his own story


Six reasons why
Wealth is futile

—A week after handing away the game,
Seattle gets some—

—References appear
to confute and rebuke—

—You place him
on the stage

Who were

—Either the one is drawing pleasure
or example from—

—The Skeptic Tank text archives—

—two ways
strong possession of her mind,
had ever crossed his—

It is my pleasure to
Further declare it

Having qualities, parts (inalienable
possessing, more or less