Monday, June 16, 2008

Passage Fluid in {power sys}

What is wrong with Postmodernism is…

The very thing it is—
A passage lay qaudrant
to gether t wined
Of LOVE morphology moon phantam
Antimacassar drive train laughing to punctuate order
A dive
Effective global capital nuisance claim
Ridiculous slotted fellow
Apparatus of power mouse pads
Diderot-like out of Seattle
A brain case highboy oak-back monkey lunatic iota buff
Watch time inch wattle

"I gotta stiffy ecco Prego!"

& so doing collapses the complexity of the history of

Uncanny resemblances

Experimentation thru

“I swear I didn’t sayTHIS THAT or the oyster thing recklessly"

Once removed
The multitudes are key
Refer to levels
Avant gardened NOON near San Sulspice
Naughty ici on commandchi

Nor evila djunct ,sub
Inch universe ping p ing pinging things mention
of. O! Doomed Fenêtre!
“post modernism [BYTESboxes]intellectual” dodo
Tenement shadow life
Bliss living out dusk(summer, august— dry august wind—
Prevailing “political movement tends
To be language of the
Elite, whereas
The poor are more”—Otto Claven grunge bent

(et noir)

The barbarians, Paul, & macaroni elbow song

of. Regular incline.
Suspicion of: “q’est-ce que uneSIGNlanguage?”b-a-c-kwards…
N-G-I-S mirrored/ “committed to the truth
And real political change”
See Ibid. pp. 154-6 on Amy’s farm in Utica
not. Spoofed/neglected chowder head egasm finger tip campanile
Just format Wal-Mart Andy Warhol I’m laughs.
“Whereas for Bhabba it is as if

We were”—mice ZAPPATAS on wave lengths
Of egoism
Off loosely in Braille
A rib is a joke—“still living in the Imperial
Age of the
19th C.”

In the way capitalism
Has been working since”—Polonius speaks ghetto
Intrinsic dildo enacts roughly
A radio unearthing

Crater. Baste. Interrupt. Pall Over Dozen. Oven. Manor. Song. Imply

SPLASH down!
Eating old regimes from inside a bubble gum dispenser
The news flows/follows
The krill is gone, baby
A long way to a second addiction
Shoots watts
Askew rocker pins
100 pixels
Talks garbage