Saturday, June 21, 2008

bhabba at wal-mart

The time's recklessly global

campanile towers like living oysters make me elbow Raymond again
Farr elbows me back i feel it in my stiff rib
i re-arrange garbagecaseinclinesuspicionmicepregogardenedexperimentationcraternearmoon
for him
[BYTESinboxes] SIGNificant passage keys

A universe egasm conspires to uneSIGNlanguage / b-a-c-kwards…
dry Uncanny things thing the mouse inginging Warhol's Uncanny noir)
and The August Imperial Age “post movement laughs

the last lunatic speaks in Braille /the Bhabba movement II unearths grunge morphologies
See ing the oyster Crater qaudrants outside

SheathedFOGGYjardins (et ghetto Intrinsic universes ) claim Ridiculous EMPIRE/turmoils
“I am the sill-iota of the ecco Fenêtre!

posthistory complexity Eating phantam Wal-Marts punctuates truths. by the Dozen.

da, da, Raymond , now a shadow joke Prego!" See joke—“still mention it ,whereas the iota, small as it is, collapses down the slotted evila brain Elite, by the Dozen.

krill out
krill out
of the story

length Of flows/follows The poor august—

things Claven


The brain Seattles the moon ...