Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Available SPACE Now Assimilable Rubble

An evil train wreck in eastern China
Is not a bible about a skirt or a blouse on sale or even Corelle dishes

Available SPACE now assimilable rubble


Lickity split banana people travel long long nights into logos on sport shirts
Turn offs include cutting & pasting a Hapsburg on Mt. Rushmore


Not protocol exposed human(ly)…keyboard instead of eyes mouths ears faces
The surface is automatic, the inception a tool much like a…here is a…

I manage...
I control...

The depth of a Dutchman
Much like a…


Crawl is more when I pomegranate
The booty must fling from the firecracker’s tongue


How olde did you say?
I snak during the infidels’ interrogation & Fatima pilgrims bring me Rollos
As penance

What is there to forgive if only bPoEmObPiLnEgSs are unique?


In lieu of a substitute for one trillion alphabets remaining apple juice
I sip I drink I gulp unsated

Recombinant race treads plurality menace from outside


Let us go then U & I when evening is a telemarketer