Monday, April 16, 2007

Consulting the Means of Survival

vintage dwelling. two bedrooms, twelve bedrooms, one bedroom and one other room that could contain a small person supine. waterproof bedroom, washable wallpaper, a sarcastic quantity of mirrors. dishwasher, ringer washer, laundromat sixteen miles eastward. west facing windows, built-in wardrobe circa 1325, resident warlock, warbling doorbell, bat-proof windows, wiretaps, city water, lead pipes, weather optional. wobbly floorboards, shared ventilation, van gogh loft, attic as vacuum. galley kitchen, fully appointed bomb shelter, hidden woof. natural wormwood root cellar, basin big enough for one wildebeest, wow factor, wretch alerts, little gnomes welcome you! a white trellis dripping wisteria, weapon storage —perfect opportunity for sado-masochistic domestic wenches. must see shock and awe. green zone palace with open-air living near former market place. rustic roof concepts with rocket-propelled renovations, quaint plumbing, guest room for occupiers, running water/blood, parlor/mortuary in evidence of extant civil war