Wednesday, September 3, 2008

O! Doomed Fenetre!

My passage lay quadrant
To gether t wined
Braincase highboy oakback monkey lunatic iotabuff

& resemblance began
The dream of

The oyster thing recklessly”

O! Doomed fenêtre!
Elite, whereas
The poor are more”—Otto Claven grungebent
(et noir)

“q’est-ce que une SIGN
not.Spoofed chowder head egasm fingertip campanile
Just format Wal-Mart Andy Warhol I’m laughs

We were”—miceZAPPATASon wave lengths
Unheard egoism
Off loosely in Braille
A rib is a joke—“still living in the Imperial
Age of the
19th C.”

In the way Capitalism
Has been working since”—Polonius speaks ghetto
Intrinsic dildo
Enacts roughly