Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Morose Inflictions

from The ChongDong Misfits

piss by scythe in the darkness/here comes Mr.X. red stranger//Inhabitant Of Daejeon City. lonely. It is blue. Remote islands… sunken eye, to blink to aid the Morse code Yi listens to Seomoon Tak thus far the fingering naked breast..pert-nippled chrysanthemums and things which they regard as “cunt” on this cold day. Public urinal. Indicator of smoke. of genocide. The peace treaties of United Nations gone awry…When pain rises through body, Yi depicts in the rain, the dances of crane and everything Fred Astaire// There they go into the pupil; Abstract starburst nipples w/ a mixture of Dali~

You will not look. You will not look, you fucker.

Beast drips the seeds of Mustard from its opening Yi forces it with the aluminum cock…leaving him moist and lonely again…again…

Terrified fishes of womb// Fishy others. Puke green ship captains in the scattered ganglia of pupil fraudulently interlaced into the units Of grapevine knots. Sigh, Yi. Sigh

How-to Vivisection: You never know when you will need this necessary form of information, it mutter into petrified meatus of mongrel. Twitch/ blunt knob of his dick will smooth out into earthworm clitella--impregnation with dirt//cognitive patterns in the babbled fruit…nothing but psychotic patterns defined by intervals of death. You are here--figuratively masochistic asthma hound manifesto…aura of his desire, Yi, annyong-hi kashipshio--the tang tint of red quivers off of his upper lip//nuclear meltdown--gash the fucker; I don’t fancy a Gershwin tune…

If those vary pain by its body, Yi in the rain, completely over Fred Astaire, presents itself cock dancing since he burned through to the points by atomic warheads//oh, oh, oh, dislocation!

//Gutter. Gutter. Gutter. An eyeball goes. Breathe, Yi. Breathe. He forgot, how one signals for assistance--Mother moves her hand manically wavelike. A Twittering of color film stardust flutters out. Yi realizes for the first time mother carries heavy condition. Her eyes greased with tar and soot. Mother is a broken smoke detector//careless with fire.