Friday, March 28, 2008

Dada Fashion Plates for Potater Salad Eaters

Here we have Krull cranked open suave jersey sport coat
His warrior maidens flash 5th Avenue filigree demented buzz up at hollow cost
In honest linen jazz suit salient springtime-NY
These gals have got it made folks

In this postmodern error
Nadir of maidens dobbing charms on
For odes to Suzie Q
Adorn themselves in stoles of mink
Chanel #5
It’s what any man insist She own

Zany rubber-cuffed petal pusher Zionist boat guilders of meniscus spin
W/ diamond accent dwarves wharf peonies
These whacky cool lots sturdy work around the house
Or just novelty
In rooms of the wing we inhabit
Crossing Time on a spoon
Who should respond phallic toting free verse ointment boys
Dashing in contemporary cargo pants
& classic surfer-wear from Ron Jon’s

Ever prevalent miniskirt rhapsodic in hue
As she walks—Cubist in taxi stand dollars & sense
A darling look for work or play

These days the biz is show
Dilemmas sizzle golden sunset harlequin kazoos
Don’t go natty in yr blue collar tee yr dead
Classically-ripped denim genie lake district sucking opium dwarf

Wooden crutches wonder up Eccles St.
Headed nowhere in full flowing beards
These beard-sporting lugs turn a girl’s head floored southern cross a mile stone
Strung out panic stunning double breasted chicken
Pinstripe suit & black Chucks are in

The final canary stirs conquest diamond spooky nook NY
Posing paparazzi fabulous sear sucker
Starlet potater salad singer NY the 4th fireworks rollicking
Liberty Island clam dig shebang

& now the animals
Sheep lie down feather beds accessorized in
Ruby tiaras studded fine quality gemstones
Miss Piggy walks the dream cloud
In sling back pumps
Real burning turnips
Cute blue driving gloves telling tulips the truth

Dress up your man winter thought-mouse laughter existence
Shitting his skivvies
Was never this tame

& just for funnseys poem-chute cagey waterwheel bent axle for funnseys
This guy is for real!
The poet spins onion flesh stands poignant
Talking film schools to Walt Whitman
With clear vinyl pockets

Cider churns Walt images of Spokane or cider
Caution tontine roll over decadent orchestra alleviates spin
This brings us classic black

Formatted apples have no butt end of days to negotiate
Miracle silk evening gowns
Design working moms in mind
Chuggers of ale grapple Ludic daddy long legs
Arrive rollicking Fruit of the Looms
Freezing to slums No one say dowdy
Peach is the color

Watch as Walt pivots
The runway Potater salad eaters
Step out calf skin biker jacket to practical methodical death