Tuesday, March 25, 2008

From: The Positions

Striped imagined fog mapper gone cluelessly
Exits to gobs of bladed gymnosperm
Existentially a dodger written out
Swims cabal pool fabulists upon bean can of note
Vis-à-vis civic b/icicle cubicle visitor darts unsuspectingly across dark street
AC buffer of curds lapses Dizzy Miss Lizzie off Benadryl suspiciously
Impugning impact effect craned by a wincher
Modeled on wavelengths
A twin light’s a fraction harmonized in spring fashion
Twisted nomadic glyphs of the future pan fry a claw in Zurich underground DadAville
Painted lady context du jour never better than big putsche to beer hall
Hastens jumping bean sur l’herb on line adieu crazy eights a shock
Sired retro cocks’re in demand on top of Old Smokey
Assume Candler Pinnacle Zip Drive mounted twice upon claw hooks a poem
Motors distinctly glossy with nocturnes sing eponyms
All 7 beans on looms disappear
Vous dormez?
Implies carnie-grid julep swan canary row powers up oddly
A cent of ovens
Cunning cuts thru
Two ecstatic ploys arrive simultaneously
Hard copy original sentiment vs. Folgers’ Classic Roast cuddle bunny intelligence
Cut & pasted to death marches but sincerely
Franker prior Kulturistas paddle over Fall River falls
Spume of owl claw routinely Earl Grey
May explain espresso jury cult 60 proceeds thru door with boots
The quality of mercy is something
I still have wet clothes in the sidereal mannequin
Opossum explains
For what I am doing (seduction’s a drake
&why I am here
The difference is between vowel sounds
A series of (flute ménage
One pall cast across 9 hillsides contains 66 little Position 55s
Snow-white / pine-green / fresh-brown graves spill axioms
Tsunamis grow weary
The seizures are owned / appear managed
Concerning “the laundry” “the grocery tab” “the plumbing”
“the cable guy coming after noon but before 6”
For those that are suffering
Impedance is Art
The dust in a bowl
Pistol nicotine grand piano slumbers like god in fun house abuse
Carnival extremely meat horrid!
Grotesquely mirror-ly BLAM! It is dust
Little wampum feet creatures span like a bridge looking out
The maze has a moniker a countenance
Beware of Iceland looking up shoe in Tunnel of Love