Wednesday, March 5, 2008

From: The Positions

Position 29:

Cunning cuts thru.

Two ecstatic ploys arrive simultaneously.
Falser than palsied: yammerer.
E. g. hammerer, stammerer, etceterer.

Position 6:

Banana hammock blinds vital forward textual motion.
Modeled on wave lengths.

Position 41:

Hard copy original cut & pasted. To death.
Marches but sincerely.

& franker than prior Kulturistas.
For winter season.
Axiomatically. Went over the falls.

Position 21:

Believe it.

Position 11:

Spume of the owl claw routinely.
May explain use of the first person: I.
Espresso cult 60 jury trial proceeds thru door with boots.
Anxious per nexus.
As a crutch.
Or test tube.
The quality of mercy is something.
A weapon.
Or product.
A peninsula.
A mail drop.
A kite.