Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Of all their promises, they kept but one"--American Indians & Palestinians--US America's Genocideds for Land

"Of all the promises they made, and there were many, they only kept but one. They said they would take our land, and they did."

The government under pretext of security and progress, liberated us from our land, resources, culture, dignity and future. They violated every treaty they ever made with us. I use the word “liberated” loosely and sarcastically, in the same vein that I view the use of the words “collateral damage” when they kill innocent men, women and children.

They describe people defending their homelands as terrorists, savages and hostiles . . .

My words reach out to the non-Indian: Look now before it is too late—see what is being done to others in your name and see what destruction you sanction when you say nothing.

--Leonard Peltier, Annual Message January 2004
(Leonard Peltier is now serving 33rd year as an internationally recognized Political Prisoner of the United States Government)