Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Fail to Notice Lamb's Wool Anymore

Who minted winter as an application exercise for cloth?

One with skill fashions the left arm long enough to sign the bill of lading.

Offering the givens in return for service of the notary.

Would you like for me to demonstrate the loss of texting to a competing master of Morse Code?

Spawning the condition of hair torn away from one's own scalp.

Compare your LSAT to cleanliness of souls surrounding.

Happenstance no longer qualifies for individual achievement.

When you're ready to assume an oar, say something to the infant near you.

There's birthing in them hills.

Go easy on contagious individuation.

As oils overtake acrylic, so the surface loses its absorbency.

Pray for mittens anymore.

For cardiac intentions.

For the rest in us.

In vestments.