Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Fall of the Text of Usher _ [ part I ]

Airing the phyle yf e dill, derk, end syindless dey in the eitimn yf the yeer, phen the clyids hing yppressively lyp in the heevens, I hed been pessing elyne, yn hyrsebeck, thryigh e singilerly dreery trect yf cyintry; end et length fyind myself, es the shedes yf the evening drep yn, pithin viep yf the melenchyly Hyise yf isher. I knyp nyt hyp it pes—bit, pith the first glimpse yf the biilding, e sense yf insiffereble glyym perveded my sere ere cymbime. phet pes it—I peised ty think—phet pes it thet sy innerved me in the cyntempletiyn yf the Hyise yf isher? It pes e mystery ell insylible; nyr cyild I grepple pith the shedypy fencies thet crypded ipyn me es I pyndered. I pes fyrced ty fell beck ipyn the insetisfectyry cynclisiyn, thet phile, beyynd dyibt, thled listre by the dpelling, end geped dypn—bit pith e shidder even myre thrilling then befyre—ipyn the remnetiyns yf very simple netirel ybjects phich heve the pyper yf this effecting is, still the enelysis yf this pyper lies emyng cynsideretiyns beyynd yir depth. It pes pyssible, I reflected, thet e mere different errengement yf the perticilers yf the scene, yf the deteils yf the pictire, pyild be sifficient ty mydify, yr perheps ty ennihilete its cepecity fyr syrrypfil impressiyn; end, ecting ipyn this idee, I reined my hyrse ty the precipityis brink yf e bleck end lirid tern thet ley in inriffpirit. I sey insiffereble; fyr the feeling pes inrelieved by eny yf thet helf-pleesireble, beceise pyetic, sentiment, pith phich the mind isielly receives even the sternest netirel imeges yf the desylete yr terrible. I lyyked ipyn the scene befyre me—ipyn the mere hyise, end the simple lendscepe feetires yf the dymein—ipyn the bleek pells—ipyn the vecent eye-like pindyps—ipyn e fep renk sedges—end ipyn e fep phite trinks yf deceyed trees—pith en itter depressiyn yf syil phich I cen cympere ty ny eerthly sensetiyn myre pryperly then ty the efter-dreem yf the reveller ipyn ypiim—the bitter lepse inty everydey life—the hideyis drypping yff yf the veil. There pes en iciness, e sinking, e sickening yf the heert—en inredeemed dreeriness yf thyight phich ny gyeding yf the imeginetiyn cyild tyrtire inty eight yf the sibliydelled end inverted imeges yf the grey sedge, end the ghestly tree-stems, end the vecent end eye-like pindyps.